Friday, November 21, 2008

Shano Shano - Yuvraaj

WTF?? how the hell can you call this a song? Gulzaar sahib!! aise gaane ke saath aap ka naam - ab to hadh hi hogayi!


everybody in the party are you ready say ex, ex, ex
go with the flow say plo, oo
ready for d put the d to the e, e, e
explode with me, explode

Yes.. please! Everyone who is associated with coming up with this trash should explode.


atke atke, kitne latke, deke bulaye tu
ander ander beech samunder, dubki khaaye tu

Does this even make sense!!! 

Gulzar and Rahman when together, usually do come up with nonsense lyrics (anyone remember songs from Sathiya - ' geeli hansi, peeli hansi '), - but this shano shano is the newest low for Gulzar. Some how, I am sure that this - shitty trashy crappy number - is going to be a bloody hit! - in case it already isn't one yet. Seriously.. the public lacks refined taste.

Incase someone thinks I am being too harsh or whatever with my criticism.. well.. check this out:


roz yehin par aana, jab suraj wapis jaye
aadha din ho aadha, oh aadhe raat ke saaye
roz yahin se jaana, jab suraj shaam nahaye
doob raha ho aadha, paani mein gaute khaye

pakka shikari hain, pakka shikari - aari chalaata hain, aari aari aari
tune chalaaye hain, barche hazaron - apni to pehli hai, baari baari baari
pyaala pyala, mai ka pyaala


WTF is that supposed to mean? no seriously... pakka shikaari hai.. pakka shikaari - aari challata hai - aari aari aari!! - did a four year old come up with that line?


tez hawa se uttraa, to panvv pe chalna hoga
dhoop mein paanv jalenge, to chaanv mein chalna hoga

Maadar .... (sorry.. BEEP BEEP) What next?? lift nahin chalegi.. stairs se chadhnaa hoga?? Tu nahin rukega.. tujhe khud hi maarna hoga?

And btw, what's with most of the new songs (using the term - songs, rather loosely over here) having that bloody chipmunk voice? It's there in this one and heard in one of the Dostana tracks too. Kya re, gaana hai to dhang se gaao, otherwise - go to some bloody TV 'TALENT' Show and beg for votes.

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Anonymous said...

dude I am with you on this. 100%, no 200%
Is Gulzar gone senile?