Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ram Jethmalani Slams IBN

Awesome! Thanks KK

Some of the comments on Youtube are cool too. Such as:


    • What a stupid bitch. She is pretty, she should learn to just keep her mouth shut and look pretty LOL - labartic
    • The Press' job is NOT to reflect public opinion, but to report facts. - dion1tj
    • Absolutely right. This was brilliant. One of the better videos I've watched in a while. Defense attorneys have an obligation that has nothing to do with public opinion, decency, or morality. Mind you, these are all worthwhile pursuits in their own time and place. Nevertheless, the moment we make sentimentality a factor, we lose a reliable means of enforcing our laws. Leave opinions and feelings for courts of equity.- ProjectInsanity
    • At the end of the day, it's my penis. STFU you friggin pseudo intellectual whore.- horneyvirus

The last comment is actually very close to what I wanted to say.

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