Monday, January 29, 2018

#TimesUp Movement … #MeToo Movement

  • Start a Twitter/Facebook campaign.
  • Wear black outfits for an awards night.
  • Wear a white rose for another awards night.

Is this your idea of protest / support? What difference will any of this make? Wouldn’t it be better to just carry placards? At least that way, even the uninitiated/unaware would know what issue you are supporting and/or protesting.

If only the solution to the issue was as simple as having a dress-code for formal events… sigh.

Given that majority of the individuals still haven’t even identified the problem correctly, expecting them to come up with a sensible solution would in fact be expecting way too much.

I reiterate – This is NOT a gender issue. The problem is concentration of power (irrespective of the gender of the person in such position(s)).

~ Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely (crtsy: Lord Acton).

‘Slum Stay’ For INR 2,000 Per Night


Listen, I do get the ‘To each his own’ philosophy. I understand it. But the desire to experience slum life when you do NOT need to? THIS is just idiotic!

Why would ANYONE want to experience this? What the fuck is wrong with this world?

Narcos – Season 3

Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 was fine. Season 3… meh.

The two characters that managed to stand out (in my opinion):

Pacho Herrera (played by Alberto Ammann)

Chepe Santacruz Londoño (played by Pêpê Rapazote)

The rest of the cast and the performances were disappointing. Hopefully Season 4 will be better.