Monday, January 29, 2018

#TimesUp Movement … #MeToo Movement

  • Start a Twitter/Facebook campaign.
  • Wear black outfits for an awards night.
  • Wear a white rose for another awards night.

Is this your idea of protest / support? What difference will any of this make? Wouldn’t it be better to just carry placards? At least that way, even the uninitiated/unaware would know what issue you are supporting and/or protesting.

If only the solution to the issue was as simple as having a dress-code for formal events… sigh.

Given that majority of the individuals still haven’t even identified the problem correctly, expecting them to come up with a sensible solution would in fact be expecting way too much.

I reiterate – This is NOT a gender issue. The problem is concentration of power (irrespective of the gender of the person in such position(s)).

~ Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely (crtsy: Lord Acton).

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