Monday, April 25, 2016


The film is simply a rehashed version of Darr. A senseless/pointless plot about obsession.

Giving credit where it’s due – This film wasn’t as intolerable as the usual SRK films are. That isn’t saying much but it is something.

Did I enjoy the film – No. I did enjoy watching Anjaam a lot more.

Could I sit through the film – Yes. I managed to sit through this shit without cringing and cursing as much as I normally do for SRK films.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tumhaari Yaad Ke Jab Zakhm Bharne Lagte Hain


Tumhaari yaad ke jab zakhm bharne lagte hain,
Kissi bahaane tumhen yaad karne lagte hain.

Hadis-e-yaar ke unavaan nikharne lagte hain, 
Tou har harim mein gesuu sanvarne lagte hain.

Har ajnabi humen mahram dikhai deta hai,
Jo ab bhi teri gali-gali se guzarne lagte hain.

Sabaa se karte hain gurbat-nasib zikr-e-vatan,
To chashm-e-subah mein aansuu ubharne lagte hain.

Vo jab bhi karte hain is nutq-o-lab ki bakhiyaagari,
Fazaa mein aur bhi nagmen bikharne lagte hain.

Dar-e-qafas pe andhere ki muhar lagti hai,
Tou "faiz" dil mein sitaare utarne lagte hain.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


A very bad adaptation of a wonderful book - Great Expectations.

Katrina Kaif looks pretty good and there are some bits which have been shot well, but on the whole… the film is too slow and is not nearly as interesting as the wonderful writing in the book.