Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vista - Wireless problems

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Smash forehead on keyboard to continue.

If you happen to be using windows Vista and are experiencing occasional problems with wireless connectivity, don't worry. Windows is working on a service pack to solve it (I know that hardly helps, but its Microsoft.. what did you expect?)

Wonder how long are they going to cry "VISTA IS NEW.. GIVE US SOME TIME". it's been considerable time since the bloody operating system was released. Well now me yapping away about it doesn't solve the problem either.

Although a Hotfix is available for the issue, but Microsoft recommends that if you are not SEVERELY affected by the issue, then wait for the service pack.. (hmm.......define "severely")

now this is from the microsoft Website (just in case this helps anyone)


When you use a wireless connection for network connectivity on a Windows Vista-based computer, you may receive the following message for a device in the Connect to a network dialog box:

Connected with limited access

This problem occurs if a device on the Windows Vista-based computer uses a network bridge to access the network.
You may also receive the following error message:

Connection unsuccessful
- If you are connecting to a wireless hotspot, you might need to open a web browser to finish connecting.

You receive these messages even though the device has good network connectivity using the wireless network bridge.


Hotfix information
A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft. However, it is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply it only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This hotfix may receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next service pack that contains this hotfix.
To resolve this problem immediately, contact Microsoft Customer Support Services to obtain the hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Support Services telephone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Note In special cases, charges that are ordinarily incurred for support calls may be canceled if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that a specific update will resolve your problem. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question

Hands-free Keyboard & Mouse


For whatever reason (best kept to yourselves) - you need to have your hands free while browsing the web, here is a solution.. LOMAK (Light Operated Mouse And Keyboard).

Jokes apart, this could be very helpful for people with physical disabilities.

some interesting points about LOMAK - for your information -

  • It is recognised as simply a USB keyboard and mouse.
  • It does not require software (i.e. no dedicated computers are required for users with disabilities).
  • It requires no calibration and can operate in any ambient conditions.
  • It does not require any screen area (no on-screen keyboard or mouse menu is required).
  • It can be used with any application (e.g. proprietary software such as accounting/payroll applications and other business software).
  • Versatility and ease of use and training (people can be up and running with it almost immediately).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Number 23

If you are a Jim Carrey fan (didn't know there were any), then DON'T WATCH THIS, YOU WILL HATE IT.

Now for those of you who are normal people, well the movie is rather intriguing and you should enjoy it. I watched it just because I was curious. I mean - Jim Carrey in a non stupid role (well thats not completely true but.. you should get my point while you watch the movie) - it did get me curious.

Initially I really didn't know where the movie was heading and I was pretty sure that I would most likely end up passing this off as another waste of time. But as the movie progressed, it just seemed to intrigue me more (don't think the same will happen for every viewer.. but we are allowed to have different tastes).

I'd say watch it. It might not be believable or whatever but for me at least, this wasn't a waste of time.

Kids eh..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mujhse bichad ke khush rehte ho

Bashir Badr ki likhi hui bahut hi khoobsurat ghazal.

Click here to listen

mujhse bichhad ke khush rahte ho
meri tarah tum bhi jhuuthe ho

ik tahni par chaand tikaa thaa
main ye samjhaa tum baithe ho

ujale ujale phuul khile the
bilkul jaise tum hanste ho

mujh ko shaam bataa deti hai
tum kaise kapde pahne ho

tum tanhaa duniyaa se ladoge
bachchon sii baaten karte ho

FREE online classifieds in Kuwait!

A young man, strolling along the beach early one morning, sees an old man throwing stranded starfish back into the sea.

Coming closer, he calls out "Good morning! May I ask what you are doing?"

The old man pauses, looks up, and replies "Throwing starfish into the ocean."

"Why are you doing that?" asks the surprised young man.

“Because the sun is up and the tide is going out and if I don’t throw them further into the sea they will die” replies the old man.

“But the beach goes on for miles and miles and there are thousands of starfish,” exclaims the young man. “How could you possibly make any difference?”

The old man looks silently for a moment at the starfish in his hands and tosses it into the waves. Then, turning to the young man, he smiles and says, “It made a difference to that one.”

How many times have we come across instances where we have crossed paths with honest hard-working individuals trying to make ends meet, doggedly facing all the harshness that life has to offer? Heart wrenching stories of unfortunate people, down on their luck, unable to find jobs or locate reasonably priced accommodations? And, what have we done to help? How have we tried to make a difference?

We at UROOD believe this amazingly inspiring story to be the driving force behind our efforts of creating an online community of forums and classified ads which are easy to post and easier to find. UROOD is trying to make that vital difference…one baby step at a time.

Our website does not have any advertisements, no banner ads and most definitely no annoying pop ups. We focus exclusively on usability. And user satisfaction is not just a passion with us…it is an obsession.

But why take our word for it? Test-drive UROOD today and see for yourself. We assure you. Your life will be changed forever. Join hands with us in making a difference and easing the suffering of society. Every little effort counts!

A new superfast website has been launched for FREE classifieds in Kuwait!

Come leave. As simple as that. All extremely fast!

Real estate:


Items for Sale:

Look for flats, jobs, cars, sharing accommodation and more! You don't need to register or log in to browse the listings or to post! You can even upload pictures!

Filter your search results by price or by area. Sort by price.

You don't pay anything! It is completely FREE! Plus, the website has no advertisements, banner ads or annoying pop-up windows.

This project has been developed as a venture to help the less fortunate amongst us find jobs or suitable accommodation.

Please pass on the word. Help the community! Help to "Make a Difference"

Pass on this information to all near and dear.

UPDATE - I believe the site no longer exists..

Whack a mole game in Iraq

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forward Hotmail

A friend of mine had been trying to setup his Gmail account to retrieve messages from his Hotmail inbox, and kept encountering an error. I did manage to sort it out for him and then thought, might as well share it here, incase someone else might need the information.

In case you didn't know it by now, the FREE ACCOUNTS of Hotmail don't support POP3. That's why, the user gets an error message when he tries to setup Gmail to retrieve messages from their Hotmail inbox.

To do that, you would require POP3.

Either ways, I am sure the ones who NEEDED this probably have figured out a work around. but for those of you who haven't, here is an option.

The setup file is less than 600 KB and once installed, will enable you to retrieve mail from your account and forward the same mail to any other account. The first time the program forwards an email for you, it will give you a pop up reminding you that the software is free and also that you should check there WHATS NEW section, for updates. THIS IS A ONE TIME MESSAGE ONLY.

The program stays in your system tray and you can set the time interval for the program to check for new mails.

I tried it out.. and it works. Messages from my hotmail are being forwarded to my gmail account.

I am not saying this is the only way to achieve this, and neither am I saying it's a necessity to have this, (honestly, how hard is it to check another account?). All I am saying is, it's one of the options.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Zindagi yun hui basar tanha

Gulzaar sahib ke alfaaz... hard to believe that the same man came up with crap like geeli hansi peeli hansi (THUUUU) - well lets leave that for some other time.

Listen to the song

Zindagi yun hui basar tanhaa
qaafila saath aur safar tanhaa

apne saaye se chaunk jaate hain
umr guzri hai is qadar tanhaa

raat bhar bolte hain sannate
raat kaate koi kidhar tanhaa

din guzartaa nahin hai logon mein
raat hoti nahin basar tanhaa

humne darwaaze tak to dekhaa tha
phir na jaane gaye kidhar tanhaaa

life sure is a bitch..

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Movie is inspired by real life events, based on the serial killings by the ZODIAC during the 60s n 70s.

Enjoyed the movie, very interesting. Good performances chipped in from everyone. I do however feel that it was a tad bit long, and seemed to drag at times. But all said and done, I found the movie very interesting.
Watch it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prison Break

Prison break is backkk... well not just yet but the official date for airing season 3 is September 17th.

can't wait.. but have to.

Official site

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par

Another great song. Movie Junglee (1961), music by - Shankar n Jaikishen, Lyrics by - Hasrat Jaipuri.
The voice.. ofcourse Rafi sahib.

Listen to the song

ehsaan tera hoga mujh par - dil chahta hai woh kehne do
mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai - mujhe palkon ki chaanv mein rehne do

ehsaan tera hoga mujh par

tumne mujhko hasna sikhaaya - rone kahoge ro lenge ab
aansoo ka humaare gham na karo - woh behte hain to behne do
mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai - mujhe palkon ki chaanv mein rehne do

ehsaan tera hoga mujh par

chaahe banaa do chaahe mitaa do - mar bhi gaye to denge duvaayen
udd udd ke kahegi khaak sanam - yeh dard-e-mohabbat sehne do
mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai - mujhe palkon ki chaanv mein rehne do

ehsaan tera hoga mujh par

Bush's i-Raq Gadget

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Monday, July 16, 2007

Orkut to be banned in kuwait.. - hmm big deal.

Well I just saw a post on a few other blogs, and also on one of the forums I visit. Apparently a hot topic (I cant understand why), either ways, just thought why not share my views on my blog as well. (did share them as a comment on Barry's blog).

so this is what I think about this whole (non) - issue.

This won't be the first time.. and neither the last time that a government (not this country or region specific) has come up with something stupid. All these stunts come and go.. hell a while back in delhi, all the isp's were instructed to block all traffic directed to BLOG sites!!!

In may opinion, this (Orkut ban) is not for public protection or whatever (as they might want you to believe) but merely a gesture to appease a certain section of the parliament or something along those lines (my view.. doesn't necessarily have to be correct, but it's a view nonetheless)

Secondly, it's not like it's the end of the world. There is a way out. It's called - simply put - using a proxy. There.. problem solved.

When there is a way out, why bother making so much noise? It's not like this is something new. The work around has been available for ages. The users know it, the isp's know it, so do the people pressing for the ban.

Finally.. about policing the net and the sites .. for objectionable content and all that.. well I am against any form of censorship whatsoever. My view is - Restricted freedom is NO FREEDOM (not a very popular view, but seldom do any of my views enjoy support from the masses)

Let them go ahead and ban whatever they want. People who want to do things still manage to do it.

don't people manage to get their hands on booze (or porn or hookers or dope or... ) - in Kuwait? (if someone says NO, then he needs to get a reality check).. now.. isn't booze "BANNED" (along with the other items mentioned).

Further more... the more the media (print or tele) talks abt it, the more agitation it will cause in the general public (I seriously doubt it would make any noticeable difference, except for a few articles in the papers from guest columnists or letters to the editors).

This could potentially cause the initiators of this stupid notion to pursue it with renewed enthusiasm. The key word being - potentially - I am not saying that's what will happen, but it very well could.

You see.. PROTESTING can work either ways. In my opinion, the people who have proposed or initiated this idea are the ones with egos bigger than the MT.Everest. For these people, a protest against their views (which they think should be the final word) - is only going to make them want to implement this even more strictly (not that it matters anyways, but why piss them off - there is no reason why one can't be civil).

There is a work around.. and as long as that exists, there is no reason to get worked up over some stupid appeasement stunt.

In a perfect world, this (orkut ban or anything similar) wouldn't have happened.. but this isn't a perfect world.. forget about perfect, there is a serious lack of basic common sense.

There is more than one way to have your point reach the other side. There is more than one way to protest against such nonsense. Instead of saying.. "OHH GOD HOW WILL I KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MA ORKUT FRIENDS," , Just use the work around and show them - (the people who initiated the ban) - the finger. Like everytime someone uses one of the cracks for any Microsoft product. If you are really quiet enough, you can hear this sound, a voice that says... SCREW YOU BILL.

If someone really believes the policing the net or blocking or banning sites is ever actually going to work.. well.. WAKE UP!

Teri Galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam

The song is from the movie Hawas (1974) and if I am not mistaken, the lyrics were penned by Saawan kumar. Don't really remember much about the movie..but this song is .. absolutely brilliant.

music by Usha Khanna, the voice of Rafi sahib.

Listen to the song

teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam.. aaj ke baad
tere milne ko na aayenge sanam.. aaj ke baad

tu mera milna..... samajh lena ek sapna tha..
tujhko ab mil hi gaya jo tera apna tha..

humko duniyaa mein samajhna na sanam.. aaj ke baad...
teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam.. aaj ke baad..

ghir ke aayengi ghataayein phirse saawan ki..
tum to baahon mein rahogi apne saajan ki..

gale hum gham ko lagaayenge sanam.. aaj ke baad
teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam.. aaj ke baad

tere milne ko na aayenge sanam.. aaj ke baad
teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam.. aaj ke baad

jeete rahne ki sazaa de

Zaka Siddiqui ..

Jeete rahne ki sazaa de - zindagi ai zindagi
ab to marne ki duaa de - zindagi ai zindagi

main to ab uqtaa gayaa hoon - kya yahi hai qaaynaat
bas ye aainaa hataa de - zindagi ai zindagi

dhundane niklaa tha tujh ko - aur khud ko kho diya
tu hi ab mera pataa de - zindagi ai zindagi

yaa mujhe ehsaas ki is qaid se kar de rihaa
varnaa divaana banaa de - zindagi ai zindagi

The Contract

Morgan Freeman - that name appearing in the credits is what made me bother with this movie. Every character in the movie is.. well they are all stereotypes.

The ex-military Freeman, now an assassin for hire. Cusack - man with a dead wife (cancer) and an almost strained relationship with his son (well that's what it seemed like in the beginning.. but later on, they seemed more like friends than father and son).

Alice Krige - a tight ass FBI official (doesn't really do much in the movie, except make phone calls).

Ned Bellamy - publicity craving - but not too bright - country cop.

The father son thing...

a little too stupid if you ask me. For some reason, just didn't seem believable at all.

Morgan Freeman threatens you, that if you don't let him go, his friends will kill you. Then he tells Cusack, that Cusack won't be able to handle this situation.

There is a body of an FBI agent - who just died of a gunshot - in front of you, and the KIDS reaction is.. absolutely unbelievable ' Ohhh now you've done it.. NOW HE WILL NOT LET YOU GO FOR SURE' .

No reaction to death or the potential danger.. ok.. so guess he is the COOL CALM SEEN IT ALL - KID.. but then he sees another shooting (trigger happy nigger shoots some guy on the road).. and the COOL CALM SEEN IT ALL - KID runs off to daddy screaming..'THEY KILLED HIM... OMG THEY JUS KILLED HIM'

Kids eh...

Freeman's team.. for his assassination assignment..

well a bunch of wierdos - A computer geek who insists on playing chess on his laptop even when they are crouching in the woods to avoid detection from a chopper.

A trigger happy nigger, who in my opinion talks too much.

An ace tracker (perhaps the least annoying character).

A double agent in the team (of sorts) who is there to get rid of Freeman, so the identity of the men who paid for the hit is not compromised (now if this isn't cliched.. then what is?).

The hikers who get caught up in the mess..

They don't really seem as shocked or worried as they should've. I mean come on.. you are standing in front of a man with cuffs on him, another man with a gun pointed and are being guided by a KID who claims to know the terrain.

You have just been told - ' if u go this way.. you will be shot dead by the cuffed man's friends.' and what's your reaction? You argue about WHERE U SHOULD'VE GONE FOR A TRIP!!!

'We shouldve gone to so and so place.. and had a drink and a dance and then ehmm.. ' - OH PLEASE!!! at least make an effort.

If that doesn't bother you.. well your BF or your companion whom you were hiking with.. and a minute ago gone skinny dipping with.. well the guy just got shot by someone from a chopper....

REACT ! or at least go into shock for a few seconds..too much to ask for? I mean.. you knew this guy and he is dead, how about being a little sensitive.

Don't bother.. seriously.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chalte chalte

Chalte chalte....yunhi koi mil gaya tha
sare raah chalte chalte..
vahin tham ke reh gayi hai -meri raat dhalte dhalte..

jo kahi gayi na mujhse - vo zamaana keh rahaa hai
ke fasaana ban gayi hai - meri baat talte talte...

shab e intezaar aakhir - kabhi hogi muqtasar bhi
ye chiraag.. bujh rahe hain - mere saath jalte jalte..

PS3 price cut - UN-CUT.

The PS3 cut in the prices, about which I had posted earlier, isn't going to last.

Sony has confirmed that it will no longer supply the 60 GB PS3s. Implying that the 60 GB PS3s at present in the market, ARE ALL THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE REDUCED PRICE. and once these stocks are over, anyone wanting to buy the PS3 will have to buy the 80 GB PS3 at USD 599.

ahh well.. shit happens. But with this public announcement, Sony has definitely ensured that the 60GB PS3s will get sold faster, or at least that's what they would be hoping. Who knows.. they just MIGHT revise the "discontinuing of the discounted 60GB PS3s" - decision at a later stage.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Koena Mitra - Car wash - Musafir..

Car wash..... anyone?

ek vaada hai kissi ka jo vafaa hota nahin

Sagar Siddiqui ...

ek vaada hai kissi ka jo vafaa hota nahin
marmari taaron bhari raaton mein kya hota nahin

ji mein aata hai ulat den un ke chahre se naqaab
haunslaa karte hain lekin haunslaa hota nahin

shamaa ji kii aabaru par jaan de de jhuum kar
vo patangaa jal to jaata hai fanaa hota nahin

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Microsoft Surface computing

If you thought the touch screen interactive glass pane computer (don't really know what to call it) in the Minority Report was cool, then you are going to love this.

Now this is interesting.. very very intriguing.

presently estimated to cost around USD 10,000, but this thing seems too cool to miss out on (even if it is from MICROSOFT)

Mobile - watch M500

Not bad....

ofcourse it's going to get a lot lot better. no doubt about it.... but this seems interesting. A lot more functional than the SE watch (that's basically just bluetooth capabilities in a watch paired up with your cell phone.. and IS NOT a fully functional cell phone).

Windows Commercial - Japan

hmm.. funny.. stupid and just makes me hate microsoft a little more.

Playstation 3 to cut prices

Ok.. so it will take a little longer for the prices in Kuwait to come down to reasonable levels. (people bought the damn thing for as high as 400 KD.. initially), but the PS3 is coming out with a 80 GB version which will be priced at 599 USD and the earlier 60 GB version is going to be 499 USD (100 USD less than what it was priced at, before this)

You can find the news article here..

last time I checked, the price was 200 something (in kuwait)... I am waiting for it to come down to something around the 100 - 120 KD range.. In my opinion that is a justifiable price for the console.

Chehare pe mere... zulf ko.. phailaao kissi din

Adnaan sami sings this Amjad Islam Amjad Ghazal in his album.. (well he missed out one part.. for reasons best known to him)

chehare pe mere zulf ko phailaao kisi din
kya roz garajate ho - baras jaao kisi din

raazon ki tarah utaro mere dil mein kisi shab
dastak pe mere haath ki - khul jaao kisi din

pedon ki tarah husn ki baarish mein nahaa luun
baadal ki tarah jhuum ke - ghir aao kisi din

khushbuu ki tarah guzaro mere dil ki gali se
phuulon ki tarah mujh pe bikhar jaao kisi din

phir haath ko khairaat mile band-e-qabaa ki
phir lutf-e-shab-e-vasl ko doharaao kisi din

guzaren jo mere ghar se to ruk jaayen sitaare
is tarah meri raat ko chamkaao kisi din

main apni har ik saans usi raat ko de duun
sar rakh ke mere sine pe so jaao kisi din

another version of the ghazal.. also by Amjad Islam Amjad

khud apne liye baith ke sochenge kisi din
yuun hai ki tujhe bhuul ke dekhenge kisi din

bhatake hue phirte hain kai lafz jo dil mein
duniya ne diyaa vaqt to likhenge kisi din

hil jaayenge ik baar to arshon ke dar-o-baam
ye khaak-nashin log jo bolenge kisi din

aapas ki kisi baat ka miltaa hi nahin vaqt
har baar ye kahte hain ke baithenge kisi din

ai jaan teri yaad ke be-naam parinde
shaakhon pe mere dard ki utarenge kisi din

jaati hai kisi jhil ki gahraai kahaan tak
aankhon mein teri duub ke dekhenge kisi din

khushbuu se bhari shaam mein jugnuu ke qalam se
ik nazm tere vaaste likkhenge kisi din

soyenge teri aankh ki khlvat mein kisi raat
saaye mein teri zulf ke jaagenge kisi din

'amjad' hai yahi ab ke kafan baandh ke sar se
us shahar-e-sitamgaar mein jaayenge kisi din

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Create your family tree n keep in touch

One of my colleagues introduced me to this site. Yet another effective way of killing time over the web. It's kind of interesting. You can add pics and specify the location and all that. Plus, you can also invite your relatives and have them help you complete/expand the family tree.

Once it's done, you have another way to keep in touch with your relatives (in case anyone is interested in keepin in touch with relatives... ).

I am not saying this is useful or helpful or anything along those lines (well, might be helpful to some, who knows). All I am saying is.. yet another interesting way to kill sometime.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Meri zindagi kissi aur ki ...

Muzaffar Warsi ...

Meri zindagi, kisi aur ki, mere naam ka, koi aur hai
mera aks hai sar-e-aaina, pase aaina koi aur hai

meri dhadkanon mein hai chaap si, ye judaai bhi hai milaap si
mujhe kya pataa, mere dil bataa, mere saath kya koi aur hai

na gae dino ko khabar meri, na shriik-e-haal nazar teri
tere des mein, mere bhes mein, koi aur thaa, koi aur hai

vo meri taraf nigaraan rahe, mera dhyaan jaane kahaan rahe
meri aankh mein kai suraten, mujhe chaahtaa koi aur hai.

Darth Cheney

Friday, July 6, 2007

Any video converter

Pretty sure that most of you already have the converters you all require, but I just came across this one and found it rather simple to use and comprehensive. The free version supports DVD (pal/NTSC), Mpg, Mpg2, Mp4 (mobile/PSP), AVI, Flv.

you can download from here or alternatively click here

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Knocked up

Not bad. the language could've been toned down a bit.. but I didn't mind that at all. It's funny. Nothing great or too impressive. Nothing that would include it in the must watch category (well honestly, how many of those do we get these days) - but definitely good enough to kill some time over the weekend.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fourth Branch of the US Govt.

The only things worth watchin in Dhoom - II

I know the movie has been around for some time now, but I just watched it last night.

Some of the visual sequences are in fact nice.

Bipasha looks good. The college reunion song isn't a great song and it definitely doesn't add anything to the (non-existant) story / plot. But Bipasha looked good.

Hrithik is OK - not great or anything. But consider the rest of the movie.. (not much to consider eh)

Ash - well no surprises.. crappy as ever, and looks alot like a hooker in the movie (in my opinion)..not a high society call girl, but an anorexic/malnourished hooker working some sad street corner.

In the song CRAZY KIYA RE, well.. I think the title of the song is very apt - considering the dance performance she put in.. crazy crippled retard.

Abhishek.. well I guess he did the best he could with a crappy script.

The movie was a big hit (dont know why?) people appreciated the performances.. (I am clueless).

poor direction, crappy corny dialogues, an annoying Uday Chopra.. (well he is always annoying).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dard ki had se guzarnaa to abhi baaqi hai

Rashid Kamil...

Dard ki had se guzarnaa to abhi baaqi hai
tuut kar mera bikharna to abhi baaqi hai

paas aake mera dukh-dard baantnewaale
mujhse katraa ke guzarnaa to abhi baaqi hai

chand sheron mein kahaan dhalti hai ehsaas ki aag
gham kaa ye rang nikharnaa to abhi baaqi hai

rang-e-rusvaai sahi shahar ki divaaron par
naam "Rashid" kaa ubharnaa to abhi baaqi hai.