Monday, July 2, 2007

The only things worth watchin in Dhoom - II

I know the movie has been around for some time now, but I just watched it last night.

Some of the visual sequences are in fact nice.

Bipasha looks good. The college reunion song isn't a great song and it definitely doesn't add anything to the (non-existant) story / plot. But Bipasha looked good.

Hrithik is OK - not great or anything. But consider the rest of the movie.. (not much to consider eh)

Ash - well no surprises.. crappy as ever, and looks alot like a hooker in the movie (in my opinion)..not a high society call girl, but an anorexic/malnourished hooker working some sad street corner.

In the song CRAZY KIYA RE, well.. I think the title of the song is very apt - considering the dance performance she put in.. crazy crippled retard.

Abhishek.. well I guess he did the best he could with a crappy script.

The movie was a big hit (dont know why?) people appreciated the performances.. (I am clueless).

poor direction, crappy corny dialogues, an annoying Uday Chopra.. (well he is always annoying).

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