Monday, July 16, 2007

Orkut to be banned in kuwait.. - hmm big deal.

Well I just saw a post on a few other blogs, and also on one of the forums I visit. Apparently a hot topic (I cant understand why), either ways, just thought why not share my views on my blog as well. (did share them as a comment on Barry's blog).

so this is what I think about this whole (non) - issue.

This won't be the first time.. and neither the last time that a government (not this country or region specific) has come up with something stupid. All these stunts come and go.. hell a while back in delhi, all the isp's were instructed to block all traffic directed to BLOG sites!!!

In may opinion, this (Orkut ban) is not for public protection or whatever (as they might want you to believe) but merely a gesture to appease a certain section of the parliament or something along those lines (my view.. doesn't necessarily have to be correct, but it's a view nonetheless)

Secondly, it's not like it's the end of the world. There is a way out. It's called - simply put - using a proxy. There.. problem solved.

When there is a way out, why bother making so much noise? It's not like this is something new. The work around has been available for ages. The users know it, the isp's know it, so do the people pressing for the ban.

Finally.. about policing the net and the sites .. for objectionable content and all that.. well I am against any form of censorship whatsoever. My view is - Restricted freedom is NO FREEDOM (not a very popular view, but seldom do any of my views enjoy support from the masses)

Let them go ahead and ban whatever they want. People who want to do things still manage to do it.

don't people manage to get their hands on booze (or porn or hookers or dope or... ) - in Kuwait? (if someone says NO, then he needs to get a reality check).. now.. isn't booze "BANNED" (along with the other items mentioned).

Further more... the more the media (print or tele) talks abt it, the more agitation it will cause in the general public (I seriously doubt it would make any noticeable difference, except for a few articles in the papers from guest columnists or letters to the editors).

This could potentially cause the initiators of this stupid notion to pursue it with renewed enthusiasm. The key word being - potentially - I am not saying that's what will happen, but it very well could.

You see.. PROTESTING can work either ways. In my opinion, the people who have proposed or initiated this idea are the ones with egos bigger than the MT.Everest. For these people, a protest against their views (which they think should be the final word) - is only going to make them want to implement this even more strictly (not that it matters anyways, but why piss them off - there is no reason why one can't be civil).

There is a work around.. and as long as that exists, there is no reason to get worked up over some stupid appeasement stunt.

In a perfect world, this (orkut ban or anything similar) wouldn't have happened.. but this isn't a perfect world.. forget about perfect, there is a serious lack of basic common sense.

There is more than one way to have your point reach the other side. There is more than one way to protest against such nonsense. Instead of saying.. "OHH GOD HOW WILL I KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MA ORKUT FRIENDS," , Just use the work around and show them - (the people who initiated the ban) - the finger. Like everytime someone uses one of the cracks for any Microsoft product. If you are really quiet enough, you can hear this sound, a voice that says... SCREW YOU BILL.

If someone really believes the policing the net or blocking or banning sites is ever actually going to work.. well.. WAKE UP!

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L o r d R a j said...

ohh n also.. somethin i wanted to share.. a while back there was this email being forwarded around abt how orkut was created by some guy lookin for his gf or somethin.. (some train accident n she went missin - dont remember the whole story),

well havent been able to find any references to that story anywhere else. the most readily available explaination is that it was an INDEPENDENT pet project by some computer geek named orkut who infact worked with google.

Orkut was launched on November 17, 2002 by the search company Google, the brainchild of Orkut Büyükkökten, a Turkish software engineer, who developed it as an independent project while working at Google. (this is from wikipedia.. )

jus wanted to share this bit.. coz i keep tellin people not to take every forward to be a FACT.

Not sure how many of u got that forward on the bf lookin for his gf n startin orkut..but im pretty sure thats what i had read somewhere.

L o r d R a j said...

ohhh n one more thing

for those of u who actually think that sites like orkut infact facilitate terrorism or fraud or identity theft.. well come to think of it.. practically everythin could potentially be used to facilitate those things, includin ahemm.... EMAIL..

now would u like to ban emails too?

hmm thought so..

so.. sau baat ki ek baat.. dikhaawon pe mat jaao.. apni akal ladaao. :)