Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Number 23

If you are a Jim Carrey fan (didn't know there were any), then DON'T WATCH THIS, YOU WILL HATE IT.

Now for those of you who are normal people, well the movie is rather intriguing and you should enjoy it. I watched it just because I was curious. I mean - Jim Carrey in a non stupid role (well thats not completely true but.. you should get my point while you watch the movie) - it did get me curious.

Initially I really didn't know where the movie was heading and I was pretty sure that I would most likely end up passing this off as another waste of time. But as the movie progressed, it just seemed to intrigue me more (don't think the same will happen for every viewer.. but we are allowed to have different tastes).

I'd say watch it. It might not be believable or whatever but for me at least, this wasn't a waste of time.

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