Saturday, July 14, 2007

PS3 price cut - UN-CUT.

The PS3 cut in the prices, about which I had posted earlier, isn't going to last.

Sony has confirmed that it will no longer supply the 60 GB PS3s. Implying that the 60 GB PS3s at present in the market, ARE ALL THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE REDUCED PRICE. and once these stocks are over, anyone wanting to buy the PS3 will have to buy the 80 GB PS3 at USD 599.

ahh well.. shit happens. But with this public announcement, Sony has definitely ensured that the 60GB PS3s will get sold faster, or at least that's what they would be hoping. Who knows.. they just MIGHT revise the "discontinuing of the discounted 60GB PS3s" - decision at a later stage.

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