Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hands-free Keyboard & Mouse


For whatever reason (best kept to yourselves) - you need to have your hands free while browsing the web, here is a solution.. LOMAK (Light Operated Mouse And Keyboard).

Jokes apart, this could be very helpful for people with physical disabilities.

some interesting points about LOMAK - for your information -

  • It is recognised as simply a USB keyboard and mouse.
  • It does not require software (i.e. no dedicated computers are required for users with disabilities).
  • It requires no calibration and can operate in any ambient conditions.
  • It does not require any screen area (no on-screen keyboard or mouse menu is required).
  • It can be used with any application (e.g. proprietary software such as accounting/payroll applications and other business software).
  • Versatility and ease of use and training (people can be up and running with it almost immediately).

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