Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BlackBerry Q20

Can't wait!

  • The ‘Menu’, ‘Back’, ‘Send’ and ‘End’ buttons and trackpad will be made an integral part of the device and user interface, enabling fast, precise navigation and a natural workflow within and between apps.
  • The new smartphone will feature BlackBerry’s patented QWERTY keyboard design with frets and sculpted keys for the best typing experience.
  • The best email service including features like BlackBerry Hub, where you can access all your messages in one place, and enterprise connectivity with BES10.
  • The BlackBerry Q20 smartphone will include a generous 3.5” touchscreen, the largest display yet on a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone, giving you more space for viewing messages, browsing Internet and intranet sites and accessing other apps.
  • The smartphone will be crafted from premium materials and designed for reliability and durability.
  • A large battery to provide superior battery life


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So… Who Died And Made You The Queen?

Sometime last week I heard Obama saying 'We are closely monitoring the situation'. This was on BBC World Service and he was talking about the Ukraine Crisis / protests.

I couldn't help but chuckle, because this was pretty much the same thing he said about the situation in Syria. Lots of times!

Just the other day, I was listening to the news about the Ugandan parliament passing an anti-gay bill. Towards the end of that piece, there was yet another statement from Obama. He said passing of this bill would COMPLICATE Washington's relations with Uganda [Link].

I have absolutely nothing against the gay community… and I don't think that a person's sexuality is a matter of concern or discussion for the MP's. There are plenty of people who DEMAND a law legalising gay unions. Also plenty of people who DEMAND criminalising gay unions. I have never really understood the point of either groups.

That said, I do want to know why Obama / America feels the need to 'monitor' everything! I am sure there are enough issues within the US borders itself to keep the President busy. Why does he feel the need to interfere with what is happening in Ukraine or what bill is being passed in Uganda?

I mean… the Ukraine protest was an internal issue. A power struggle or whatever, but internal nonetheless. The anti-gay bill in Uganda is their issue. It has nothing to do with America. It does not effect any international trade treaty or similar agreement. So why does Obama feel compelled to 'warn' of said bill complicating relationships between US and Uganda?!?

I can understand that he would have to comment when asked by a reporter. Or he felt the need to comment because the Ugandan leader had sought advice… But the WARNING – that was uncalled for.

Daft Cunt.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bajaj RE60

Thankfully Bajaj doesn't want to call THAT a 'car'. They insist it is a quadricycle.


It's got four wheels and seatbelts, but Bajaj Auto, the creator of India's first quadricycle, would rather you didn't call it a car. Bajaj Auto is marketing the RE60 as a more stable and comfortable alternative to the three-wheeled autorickshaws ubiquitous on India's roads even though it looks like a small hatchback car and is expected to cost less.

Weight, top speed and other specifications, including safety standards, mean the RE60 will not be classified as a car.



Poster seems like a rip off to be inspired from that of Gone With The Wind.

Deepika Padukone looks absolutely ravishing.

The film… boring. Even in Fast Forward mode.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali really needs to familiarise himself with using some new filters for the camera work. Seriously mate, enough! Oh… and while you are at it, could you also try and come up with a story? A PROPER one. Perhaps something interesting if not engaging.

Zindagi Jaisi Tamannaa Thi Nahin Kuchh Kam Hai


Zindagi jaisi tamannaa thi nahin kuchh kam hai
Har ghadi hota hai ehasaas kahin kuchh kam hai

Ghar ki taamir tasavvur hi mein ho sakti hai
Apne naqshe ke mutaabiq ye zameen kuchh kam hai

Bichhade logon se mulaaqaat kabhi phir hogi
Dil mein ummid to kaafi hai yaqin kuchh kam hai

Ab jidhar dekhiye lagta hai ki iss duniya mein
Kahin kuchh cheez ziyaadaa hai kahin kuchh kam hai

Aaj bhi hai teri duuri hi udaasi ka sabab
Ye alag baat ki pahli si nahin kuchh kam hai

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Art Of The Steal

Predictable… but still worth a one time watch.

Terence Stamp - Excellent!

Kab tak abhi raah dekhen ae qaamat e jaanaanah...
Kab hashar mu'aiyan hai tujh ko tou khabar hogi

Narendra Modi… Nautanki

Who the hell told this fellow that he should recite a poem!?

Tera SHEESHA nahin jhukne doonga ??! Abbey paagal ke bachche, it is 'tera SHEESH'. I doubt if any party spokesman is going to bother with a 'clarification' for this goof up, but I can already hear a Ratan Noora voice over going - Alfaaz mat dekho… bhaavnaaon ko samjho.

Firstly - It is a very average 'poem'. Secondly… you really can't recite well. There is a significant difference between giving a speech and reciting poetry. Why don't you stick to what you do best - Misquoting statistics and giving idiotic one liners to the applause of illiterate / idiotic 'supporters'.

Leave the poetry to the poets.

BTW, has anyone noticed… in his recent speeches - Narendra Modi now sounds a bit like Ahsaan Qureshi (That's definitely NOT a compliment for any PM candidate).

Ye Tou Hona Hi Tha

When the general public starts to 'appreciate' crap songs like Tooh, it is obvious that there will be more similar (and equally shitty if not more) songs cropping up. Sigh…

Nice Vocals

Kanika Kapoor…. Nice voice.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Text Book States Japan Nuked US in World War 2


"Japan dropped a nuclear bomb on US during World War 2", "Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on October 30, 1948" - these are just two of the many factual errors in textbooks published by the Gujarat government for state-run schools.


Now we know why Modi gets so many things wrong in his speeches. Wonder what's Rahul's excuse? Well other than a speech impediment and obvious incompetence.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Stupid Can You Be?


Saw this comment posted for a news article…

Black Money… in the WORLD BANK? Obviously this dumb fuck doesn't know what the World Bank is. But you know what is really scary - This idiotic comment got 45 'Likes' !?!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kejriwal Continues To Bark


Development is done by the people, not by governments.

True. Very true. Lekin beta kejru… if the same logic is applied, then - Corruption is also done by the people, not by the governments!

What the hell are you doing at CII, anyway? Yahaan kya kar rahe ho? Kiss jaahil ne tumhen yahaan bula liya?

Why don't you go to YOUR crowd. The roadside theli. THAT is your target audience and support base, isn't it? As per your shit definition - only they and people worse than them (in terms of economic standing) qualify as AAM AADMI.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now - An FIR Against A Stray Dog

No. I am not referring to Arvind Kejriwal or Somnath Bharti. If that were the case, the title would be 'An FIR Against A Mad Dog'.


"Abhiyukt Kuttey Hain" (the accused is a dog), says a report lodged in a police station in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh.
In an unusual happening, police have registered a case against a stray dog for biting a retired sub inspector of Delhi Police, Vijay Singh, on February 13.


The report goes on to mention that 'investigations are on'. Err… I am guessing the police have rounded up some stray dogs in the area and are in the process of questioning them.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Is NOT About Anushka's Lips

As the title states… this isn't about her lips or her open 'letter' on Twitter (*rolls eyes).

The term is MICROblogging and NOT miScroblogging.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014



JABALPUR: The 50-something resident of the Adivasi-dominated Baihar village in Balaghat district recently had a close encounter with death. He spent an agonizing three hours up on a tree with a furious tigress waiting below. Just when he thought it was all over, the phone came to his rescue.

…Five days later, the little handset has joined the resident deities who sit in the pooja alcove of the Rangdale household

…There was no time to run, recalls Rangdale. So, the two clambered up the nearest peepul tree, stopping only when they reached the top branches. When they peered down they saw the big cat and her two cubs clawing the tree trunk.

…The drama continued for good two hours…And then he heard the magic beep of the mobile lying forgotten in his pocket. Rangdale rang his friends and told them his story. Soon the entire hamlet started walking towards the jungle, armed with drums, lathis and torches. The commotion scared off the tiger and her cubs and she retreated into the deep wood.

but this one, a basic handset, will stay in the shrine. "It was God himself, as a mobile, who saved us," states Rangdale firmly.


To state the obvious - the guy panicked and was shit scared. I get it how one could completely forget about the mobile in the pocket. In such a state, with all the things running across his mind, using the mobile to call for help wouldn't have occurred to him, immediately.

BUT … worshipping the handset? Come on!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Err… What's So 'Shocking' About Someone Smoking?

Why is it 'shocking' if an actor smokes in real life?

Does anyone on the TOI payroll know the meaning of the word 'Shocking'??


Baigaane ki shaadi mein Abdullah deewana.

Saale kahaan kahaan se connection nikaal laata hain, just to piggy back on someone else's success. Neech zaat

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Da Vinci's Demons – Season 2

22 March, 2014.

When Will The Media Learn??


HYDERABAD: The world could be going gung-ho over the extraordinary story of a mediocre student's journey-from a public school in Hyderabad to the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond- but Satya Nadella's father Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandhar does not seem to understand just what this hoopla is about. So, while he is aware of the frenzy surrounding his 46-year-old son, the former bureaucrat chooses to remain oblivious to it all. He also fails to fathom how anecdotes about the new-crowned CEO's childhood could be of any interest to the rest of the nation.

"I don't know why I should speak about his (Satya's) childhood. How is that even important," the plainly-dressed Yugandhar told this TOI correspondent, waiting to get a dekho of the proud daddy, as he returned home after his daily hour-long evening walk at the KBR National Park nearby.

"Yes I wish him well, but that's all I have to say," the father retorted on being repeatedly asked for a reaction. "All this is unnecessary hype. I don't understand why it is required," he added. And before the next question could be posed at him, Yugandhar had turned away to head for the front door of his conventional south-Indian home, reeking of modesty - a term that's become synonymous with the family over the past one week. "Please spare us now," he finally said, as he walked in.


The world could be going hung-ho over the extraordinary story of a mediocre student's journey…. WRONG! The world - or at least the sensible part of the world, is ONLY interested in the story because Nadella has a very different style/business philosophy from Steve Balmer (loud mouthed idiot… in my opinion). The world is interested and curious to see how Microsoft will perform under this different style.

It is just you (Indian media) dumb fucks who want to make the story about India and Nadella's childhood and his family and bla bla bla. The rest of the world couldn't care less about where Nadella was born, where he studied, his relationship with his father (*rolls eyes).

It is nice to see that someone was able to tell the TOI correspondent (in person) that his coverage was unnecessary and irrelevant. Hopefully SOMEONE in the media will take notice of this and we could have some sensible reporting.

Hunger Games – Suzzane Collins

Excellent read. The book is soooo much better than the film!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Is Just Sad


Err… Rekha who?? TOI seriously needs to hire better reporters / staff.

And just for the record, that's an old model. Probably a used car. If I am not mistaken a 2009/10 model (Guessing by the headlights). Sigh… Used car pe itna kya itrana?

Here is the new E class:

Chotte log… chotti soch.

XStat Seal Gunshot Wounds in 15 Seconds Flat


XStat works by applying a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator. Two applicator sizes are under development: a 30 mm diameter applicator for larger wounds and a 12 mm diameter applicator for narrow wound tracks.



They are seeking FDA approval which gets me thinking… how are they going to get voluntary human test subjects? Also wondering how much RevMedx would be paying such volunteers?

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Simple Logical Question Gets An Idiotic Answer!


Anirrudh Keni, Jankidevi High School: Recently you increased repo rate by 25 basis points and I was wondering if you increase interest rates on loans by 0.25% , what are you trying to achieve?

Raghuram Rajan: Since you used jargon, let me explain to those who may not understand - repo rate is the interest rates we set. The higher we move the interest rate; it is as if the less money we print. Not quite the same but think of it the same way. It works in two ways. By keeping the cost of money high, the repo rate has an effect by setting expectations. A lot of what central banks do is managing expectations. If I tell you, I am intent on keeping inflation contained and I will do what it takes, eventually people start to believe it. And as people start to believe it, when they determine prices for what they are selling -goods or labour - they take that into account and moderate their price increase. Initially, we will have more impact on expectation and then later on prices.


Now I know why no one can figure out what is happening in that country. People in-charge of formulating and implementing the policy themselves have no fucking clue about what they are doing!

  • Not quite the same but think of it the same way - (??!?).
  • A lot of what central banks do is managing expectations - No you fuck… you are supposed to manage the circulation of money and regulate banking.
  • If I tell you, I am intent on keeping inflation contained and I will do what it takes, eventually people start to believe it - I know people are stupid… par itne bhi nahin… tum kaho aur hum maan lenge.. bas kya! Are you trying to govern the monetary policy of the country based on just your statements and your BELIEF that people will BELIEVE you? Governor ho, Sai Baba nahin ke kuchch bhi bologe tou log maan lenge.
  • And as people start to believe it, when they determine prices for what they are selling -goods or labour - they take that into account and moderate their price increase - Which fucking world are you living in?!
  • Initially, we will have more impact on expectation and then later on prices - Why don't you first try to get some sense in that idiotic head of yours. Decide what is it that you want to do. Don't just practice Shock and Awe. All you have been successful in doing is SHOCK. Still waiting for the Awe.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tumhari yaad ke jab zakhm bharne lagte hain
Kissi bahaane tumhen yaad karne lagte hain