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What's the point of blacking out the eyes if the article includes the name?

Moving on, the TOI article states the complaint is FALSE promise of marriage. Implying she isn't Karthik's wife. BUT an NDTV article reporting the same 'story' states something else:

Just Saying

It's not that I have an issue with any particular language being used or any particular language not being used (as long as the language is used correctly and the message is communicated effectively). But some people do make an issue. They make it a question of pride and heritage and culture and … fuck knows what not (faaltu ki nautanki). Certain individuals (if not most) of the BJP led Indian government are part of this saffron brigade trying to be the champions for the Hindi / Sanskrit language. Extremely VOCAL champions.

Remember this:

Home ministry issues circular promoting use of Hindi on social media (19-06-2014).

While one of the circulars, issued on May 27, asked all ministries and departments, PSUs and banks to give preference to Hindi while using English/Hindi to operate official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, blogs, etc, another circular announced cash prizes of Rs 2,000, Rs 1,600 and Rs 600 for the three persons who do most of their official work in Hindi.

And now we have:

To Tokyo With Love: PM Modi Tweets in Japanese Ahead of Key Visit (28-08-2014).

A flurry of Japanese tweets this morning raised suspicion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Twitter account had been hacked. Until he tweeted his thanks to "friends from Japan" who had helped him with the posts.

The tweets reflected the Prime Minister's unusual style of reaching out to Japan ahead of his visit to the country this Saturday, his first major bilateral tour since he took charge in May. The visit is being seen as an attempt by the two democracies to balance the rising weight of China across Asia.

Tum karo tou fashion, hum karen tou pesha?

[Sarcasm] Oh wait… this is perhaps yet another example of his brilliant skill to connect with people. A shining example of his statesmanship. The wonderful diplomat showing us how it should be done. [/Sarcasm].

Modi's Japanese Tweet stunt makes one chuckle when one reads headlines like:

'Teachers' Day' turns into 'Gurutsav' in HRD ministry circular (28-08-2014).

September 5, the birth anniversary of former president Dr S Radhakrishnan, has been always known as Teachers' Day (Or Shikshak Diwas). For the Union ministry of human resources and development (MHRD), it is no longer so. The circular issued for Dr Radhakrishnan's 126th birth anniversary avoids using the term at all and that has led several academicians to say BJP government was slowly "saffronizing education in India". MHRD announced an essay competition in 23 languages for students and termed the event as Gurutsav 2014.


Hota hai, chalta hai… duniya hai.


Why is the word Poor in quotes?

JFTR - This isn't the first time, and this isn't the only news website/paper that has done so.

The article does go on to state "most of them low salaried people" (BTW, terrible sentence construction).

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Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.

- Albert Einstein


'He immediately got up and to everyone's surprise, created no fuss and agreed to re-shoot'.

Everyone's surprise?! He slipped and fell. People do get up after they slip and fall. It's not like he was run over by a truck or fell off a speeding motorcycle or injured while jumping through a ring of fire!

Duniya mein chutiyon ki kammi nahin hai.

16 Year Old Arrested, Suspended For Writing About Shooting A Pet Dinosaur


A 16-year-old Summerville High School student says he was arrested Tuesday morning and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur using a gun. Alex Stone said he and his classmates were told in class to write a few sentences about themselves, and a "status" as if it was a Facebook page.

"I killed my neighbor's pet dinosaur, and, then, in the next status I said I bought the gun to take care of the business," Stone said.

…Investigators say the teacher contacted school officials after seeing the message containing the words "gun" and "take care of business," and police were then notified on Tuesday.

…Summerville police officials say Stone's bookbag and locker were searched on Tuesday, and a gun was not found. Summerville police officials say Stone was disruptive and was told that he was being detained for disturbing schools. Stone was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. District officials say the student has been suspended.


Just goes to show… nothing good can come out of completing homework or school assignments.

In my view, after the cops read that 'Status' message, they should've detained the teacher (and the school officials) instead. They are obviously a bigger threat than Alex. At least they could've been detained for a bit for wasting police time. Which, by the way IS a criminal offence in some countries [Link].

It's about time that adults stop sending kids for therapy / counselling sessions etc. Clearly, the problem is not with the kids but with grown ups. That said, I don't think any amount of therapy / counselling is going to help the twats (like the school officials and the cops in the above case). They are way too fucked in the head.

Wonder if the parents of Alex's classmates would demand the removal of this teacher (and concerned school official(s))? Why would anyone want their kids being taught by a paranoid hysterical bunch of retards?

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Stupid Sonam, Crap Choreography And Horrible Lyrics

Engine ki seeti mein maaro bum dole… (?!!!!) 

Kuchch tou standard maintain karo. Ye kya chichorebaazi lagaa rakhi hai?! Thu.

Jacqueline Can Dance… Uff

Hai zaalim!

Ek Villain

Thuuu. Couldn't watch the entire thing. Too irritating.

Shraddha Kapoor is annoying! There is bubbly… and then there is an irritating cunt. Kitna bhaunkti hai?!!

The dialogue delivery was sad. Shraddha and Sidharth need to put in a lot of work. But what made it really bad was Milap Zaveri's horrible dialogues. Kya… kya kachchra dialogue likhe hain.

  • Kehte hain maut bin bulaye aa jaati hai ... lekin main maut ke samne roz khada ho jaata hoon ... baigani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana bankar
  • Ye deewangi nahin, mardaangi hai.
  • Main jaanti hoon tum doli sajake rakhne waalon mein se nahi ho ... goli chalake thokne waalon mein se ho
  • Shaitan ki ek khasiyat hai ... apne hi janaze mein shamil hona uski fitrat hai ... nafrat uska hathyar, gussa uska barood ... humdardi usse aati nahi aur pyar koi usse karta nahi.

Doob mar.

French Woman's Duty… Hmm


It is a French woman's duty to wear a bikini on a beach, says the former minister for families, Nadine Morano.

"When you choose to come to a country of secular laws like France, you have an obligation to respect our culture and the liberty of women. Or you go somewhere else," Morano wrote on her Facebook page.

Morano said that she had witnessed the incident at an unnamed French resort.

"The man got into his swimming trunks, showing off his well-made body, while she sat quietly on the sand dressed from head to toe," she wrote. "He went off alone towards the sea. Delighted to be having a swim, he waved to his submissive companion as she sat entirely surrounded by people in swimsuits.

"He had the right to strip off and swim, She didn't. To see that in the country which invented human rights was exasperating!"


DUTY to wear a bikini... DUTY? Really? Horrible choice of words there.

Here is the bit that I do agree with: "When you choose to come to a country of secular laws like France, you have an obligation to respect our culture and the liberty of women. Or you go somewhere else," . Right on. 100% correct.

For the rest of Morano's blabbering:

How can moron Morano be so sure that the woman sitting on the beach was not doing it out of choice? It could be her CHOICE to not go for a swim. It could be her choice to wear the headscarf and tunic. Could be her choice to sit quietly. How did Morano come to the conclusion that this woman was FORCED into sitting quietly?!

"He had the right to strip off and swim, She didn't. To see that in the country which invented human rights was exasperating!"

Please note:

  • Morano hasn't mentioned that she knew the female personally.
  • The article or the facebook post does not mention that Morano had investigated the family to get the full story.

From the above, it can be logically deduced that Morano has simply made a biased assumption. The statement could very well be - He has the right to strip off and swim. He did. She has the right to strip off and swim, and it may be that she opted NOT to exercise the right.

Freedom is not only DOING what you want to. It is also NOT DOING what you DON'T want to (Limited to legal compliance, of course. Does not include actions such as - Not paying tax because you don't want to pay tax OR Killing someone because you want to kill someone).

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao.

Sessions Court Judge Suspended


The staffer complained of "inappropriate behaviour'' and alleged that he "stared'' at her in an offensive manner. During a preliminary inquiry, other staffers made similar allegations.



Are we going too far with this whole sexual harassment wave or is this just crappy reporting? I mean, surely there must be more to the charges than 'STARING in an offensive manner' to merit a suspension of a judge… don't you think?

If yes, then why the hell aren't those details put up? The article in its present state seems like a major over-reaction. Suspended For Staring… !! Ridiculous.

Bebasi jurm hai... hausla jurm hai
Zindagi teri ik-ik adaa jurm hai

Kya sitam hai ke tere haseen shehar mein
Har taraf gaur se dekhna jurm hai

What is most disturbing about that article is the reaction of some of the readers. Take a look:

Tejinder Dhaliwal is commenting on the news. Crappy reporting or not, all it states is the Judge was staring at a staffer. Please note, that is the only thing that has been confirmed in the article. Tejinder believes STARING makes this man a beast. As per Tejinder, not only is staring at a staffer shameful, but it also merits termination. It would seem that Tejinder wants to be Judge Jury and Jalaad in this case. Nothing wrong with the Judge, Jury and Jalaad approach, but… some sense of proportion wouldn't go amiss.

Update On Axis Bank - Issue Resolved

That wasn't so hard… now was it?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crap Customer Care

  • A simple banking transaction (Booking a Fixed Deposit) was executed on 9-08-2014.
  • The Relationship Manager confirms the creation of new FD but the same is not reflected on the online portal.
  • Calls made. Emails Sent. Relationship Manager responds. Forwards issue to the team. Assures it will be resolved.
  • Issue still unresolved.

I sent an email to Customer Service expressing my displeasure and the reply is 'treat the issue as closed from our end, because you are interacting directly with the branch official'.

Err… if the branch official had been able to sort out the issue, then I wouldn't be writing to Customer Service, NRI Services and the Branch Head… now would I??! If Customer Service or NRI Service or the Branch Head or the Relationship Manager are not going to address the issue, then perhaps they expect me to complain to Deepika Padukone (*rolls eyes)



My response:


Appreciate if anyone reading this could Tweet the link for this post to @AxisBank

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I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.

- Stephen Hawking

Friday, August 15, 2014

Californication – Season 7

Final season.

Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon) – Every frame with this pathetic character should be trashed.

Levon (Oliver Cooper) – Character is supposed to be irritating, and this guy does the job.

Julia (Heather Graham) – Blonde bimbo.

I honestly don't see why the story had to include Julia and Levon. The writers could have come up with a less irritating way to create problem/tension between Hank and Karen. Julia and Levon just seemed an unnecessary complication.

All in all, a watchable series.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Indian Independence Day OR Modi Ascension Day?


An ambitious plan of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry includes sending "40 crore SMSes" to highlight Mr Modi's speech. Films and vignettes on his life will also be shown by state broadcaster Doordarshan.

I am confused. When did PM Modi turn into King Narendara? Did anyone else get the memo?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Idiot


"It's a word used by non-Indians referring to Indians, many times irrespective of religion... If you go to Gulf countries even a Muslim (from India) is called Hindu by them," Parrikar said


The term used in Gulf Countries for Indians is Hindi NOT Hindu!

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please - Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



You don't need to watch the entire video. Just watch from the 47 second time marker. Just need to watch it for a few seconds where the draamebaaz cunt (yes, I said it.. SUE ME) starts barking.

"In that kitty of mine where people call me 'anpad' (illiterate) I do have a degree from Yale University as well which I can bring out and show how Yale celebrated my leadership capacities…

Today the bitch says, her statement was misconstrued [Link] .

How was it misconstrued? How was it misinterpreted? You did bark out that you have a Yale degree. The video of your barking session is all over the web. Look it up. Go to the studio and ask them for the original. You did say you a have a degree from Yale… you daft cunt!

Or is it that you don't know the meaning of the term 'misconstrued' or the meaning of the term 'degree'?

Please note, unlike Ajay Maken, most of us are not bothered if you have a degree (from Yale or anywhere else) or not. The cause for concern and irritation (along with your horrid 'acting' and annoying attitude) is the fact that you lied and then lied again… and now insist that you did not lie but your statement was misinterpreted. THAT, you stupid dumb bitch, is what the problem is. Did you understand that or should we get you a tutor to explain that bit?

There have been plenty of politicians / cabinet ministers with really crappy educational qualifications. The problem isn't your educational qualification or lack of it (that's the issue only for Ajay Maken and the likes). The issue in fact is that you are a shitty liar (way below the acceptable standard for a successful politician and even further below for a cabinet minister). You can't even come up with a believable excuse or a cover story or a witty retort. And THAT is why you qualify for a lot more tags/labels in addition to annpad, jaahil, gawaar, duffer, retard and so on.

Of course, there is no reason for you to lose sleep or be concerned about any of this. The political scene (not just in India) is littered with similar characters. More than plenty in your party itself. Look around at the other parties and you will find them there as well. Characters that are full of shit, incapable of exhibiting any intelligent thought. They are surviving. You will too.

India's own Sarah Palin.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Skill is successfully walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls. Intelligence is not trying.

Californication - Season 6


Does get better after the first 4 episodes.

Faith (Maggie Grace) – Easily the best thing about this season. Sigh… Faith. Will miss her.

Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin) – Rockstar attitude is missing, but it would seem like that's what the makers were going for. Rockstar in crisis. Played reasonably well.

Becca Moody (Madeleine Martin) – Tolerable.

Ophelia (Maggie Wheeler) – Not much of this cunt, but definitely enough to make you want to strangle her.

Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon) – Still annoying.


Too many idiotic and unnecessary sequences in the film which absolutely ruin the few brilliant moments that it does have.

Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha) - Not required. An unnecessary distraction. 0 contribution to the plot or eye-candy.

The final fight sequence between Freddy/Farhad Daruwala and Virat (Akshay Kumar) is ridiculous, laughable and pointless. I thought this 'boss of sleeper cells' was supposed to be intelligent! Why the fuck is he dragging this on? His chashmish chamcha first discourages him for the fight… then holds back the other armed chamchas from firing and then concludes that both Virat and Boss man should be shot. Kya re!

One can't expect a Bollywood hero to exhibit common sense or act in a logical manner. Unnecessary twists are to be expected but some are more difficult to swallow than others.

Idiotic cop friend. Everyone (without exception) just following Virat's orders. Virat not informing any superior or agency. Virat's unnoticed (by family or neighbours) exit and entry to his house with hostages (possibly dragged or on his back) - Bollywood shit. Itni chutiyagiri tou tolerate karni hi padegi.

Here are a few which are difficult to swallow:

Why would Virat want his sister kidnapped? If it was to help zero in on the location, then he could have still used the sniffer dog and used ANY OF THE OTHER kidnapped girl's duppatta. It didn't necessarily have to be his own sister's duppatta!?

He just made it even easier for the sleeper cell boss to identify the 'team' that carried out the executions. If THAT was what Virat wanted to do, then why all this nautanki? He could have just told his name to the boss when he was chit chatting?

Another one - What if Sleeper cell member(s) did not go to the next sleeper cell member personally? Given that all of them had untraceable phones, they could have just been sent a message or a voice call to proceed to the target. It just doesn't make sense why they wouldn't use the untraceable phones. In case that had happened, Virat ki game ki to beep beep ho jaati.

Some moments were actually good, but those can't be appreciated given that there was just way too much shit overall.

DP Tripathi Needs Help Getting Some Sense Of Proportion


“I like him very much as a cricketer and I really like Rekha as an actress but their conduct as nominated members of Rajya Sabha is despicable to say the least. By their behaviour and continued absence, they have insulted Parliament and Indian Constitution. Such people should have never been nominated to this august house.


The 'behaviour' that Tripathi is referring to is not showing up in the parliament.

Not attending parliament - While it may be considered as an insult to the parliament, first let's just have a look at the behaviour of the other MPs who do attend the parliament. Here are just a few:

How about some videos? Should help Mr. Tripathi put things into perspective.

The point is, although NOT ATTENDING the parliament may be considered as an insult to parliament - in light of some of the other shit that goes around, it is a minor issue and definitely does not merit such coverage. Statements like the ones made by Tripathi are definitely uncalled for and out of proportion.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CSAT 'Issue'


‘Govt cheated us’

The aspirants feel "cheated" by the government's decision to exclude English language comprehension marks from the CSAT paper, while preparing the merit list for the civil services examination.

"We are not satisfied with Singh's speech regarding CSAT. We demand complete scrapping of CSAT. We have decided to continue our fight," said Pawan, an UPSC aspirant who has been leading the protest.

He said this was not what the protesters have been demanding.

"We never asked the BJP-led government to modify CSAT pattern. Instead, our demand is to abolish this test for the welfare of lakhs of students who have studied in Hindi medium," he added.

The students who have been protesting said their demands of scrapping CSAT exam, which was introduced in 2011, and postponing the Aug 24 preliminary exam remain unfulfilled.

"We were assured that the CSAT will be done away with, but the minister's statement talks nothing about it. Instead, they have cheated us by deciding to not consider the marks for English comprehension," said Subhankar Vats, a civil service aspirant from Jharkhand.

Ashish, another aspirant, expressed unhappiness over the government allowing another attempt in 2015 only to those candidates who wrote the exam in 2011.

"The government has said that those who appeared in 2011 would be allowed another attempt next year, but what about us? How will we take exams on Aug 24 when for the last few months we have been on the streets," Ashish said.

"Though CSAT is called an aptitude test, there are only six aptitude questions in it and the maximum questions are from mathematics and reasoning. So that puts students with non-science background at a disadvantage," he said.


So, basically the assholes 'aspirants' want CSAT to be scrapped altogether because Hindi medium educated students find it unfair/disadvantageous bla bla. That seems to be the primary issue, and we will return to this in a minute.

Another asshole 'aspirant' has mentioned that he wasn't able to prepare for the 24-08-2014 exam because he has been on the streets 'protesting' for the last few months. Hmmm… Interesting. So, the government should be held responsible for you wasting your few months protesting and not preparing?

The CSAT wasn't introduced yesterday or a few months ago. It was introduced in 2011. So the only 'aspirants' who would have been taken by surprise or experienced difficulty because of this would have been the ones appearing in 2011. From then on, all 'aspirants' were aware of this change and would've prepared accordingly. A worthy aspirant with some potential wouldn't be wasting his time wanking off on the streets and calling it a protest. He would be preparing.

You decided not to prepare, in the hope that it will be scrapped. You are free to hope for whatever you want, but you can't blame the government if things don't work out the way you hoped they would. That's nothing but you being an idiot (and a wanker).

'Maximum questions are from mathematics and reasoning. So that puts students with non-science background at a disadvantage' - Yes, there are questions related to mathematics and reasoning. BUT it is basic mathematics and not advanced maths. There won't be questions on advanced calculus - integration/differentiation. You won't be tested for Matrices and Determinants.

Not being from a science-background would make no difference to your ability to answer these questions (if you were to think about it or were capable of thinking to begin with), because schools (even Hindi medium) do teach basic mathematics till the 10th grade after which you select your stream (science or non-science). Are you going to argue that basic algebra, counting, multiplication, subtraction, division is taught only to students with a science background (which would be in Year 11). Seriously?

As far as reasoning is concerned… well that isn't related to science/non-science background at all! Given that an 'aspirant' has come up with this ridiculous statement, shows that he doesn't possess any reasoning ability whatsoever.

Now, returning to the primary issue - Students educated in the Hindi medium seem to feel a disadvantage… ok. So it is a language issue then? Fine. Would it be acceptable if you were given a free foundation course in the English language? Wouldn't that be a better solution?

Logically, this makes more sense because - You wouldn't feel at a disadvantage anymore, not just for this exam… but even other fields / countries where English is used. Wouldn't it make more sense to get you up to the standard as opposed to bringing down the overall standard and causing confusion for everyone else in the process?

You may not realise this (evidently), but Hindi isn't the only language in India and the non-Hindi speaking 'aspirants' would be at a disadvantage too. You picking up some basic English would actually make it a level field for everyone and not just for you. Be reasonable… or is that also beyond your capability?

Why not do the sensible thing? Take a foundation course in English or demand the government sponsors one for you. Bridge the gap. Problem solved.

Now… if the government was actually interested in resolving the issue, they would have proposed some thing along these lines… and not the nonsense that they have decided on.

Wishful Thinking

Does Anyone Understand This?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi prayed this morning at the famous Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. He sanctioned 25 crores to build a 'dharamshala' at the major Hindu landmark and offered 2,500 kg of sandalwood at the temple built for Lord Shiva.


I don't understand. Here is why:

Modi uncle is free to donate to any charity/cause he wants to. But those amounts would have to come from HIS PERSONAL bank account. As per his affidavits, he doesn't have this kind of money [Link].

This wouldn't be such a big deal and I could perhaps understand if this was happening within the country itself. There could be shit loads of explanations. Party fund, chanda, donations from the public, government contribution… all that lauda lassun. BUT, it is happening in another country.

As the Prime-minister, he does have a say in how the Indian government's financial aid programs are put to use (I am assuming it would be after discussion and approvals in the parliament, at least and NOT decided unilaterally), but I can not understand why would any country's financial aid want to sponsor construction of dharamshala's and temples in another country? Isn't the financial aid supposed to be for infrastructure, research, development, natural disaster/financial crisis relief and stuff like that??

Tou sawaal ye hai, ke modi uncle kiss ke paise daan kar rahe hain aur kyon? BJP / RSS ke paise? If that is the case, tou bhai thoda clearly bataao na. If this is going from the financial aid program, then shouldn't someone be questioning this and not wasting time on stupid questions like the ones by the TMC MP's on why Modi didn't wish everyone for Eid (*rolls eyes. Idiots. Seriously). I mean… there are more important questions that need to be raised. This is just one of them.

Also… Why does India have a financial aid program when it receives financial aid from other countries itself? I am all for helping out the less fortunate (to an extent), but it would make sense only after you have your house in order.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Please Define 'Fun'


Seriously? FUN while brushing your teeth? Are you a 2 year old?

Thinking out loud:

  • How sad a life would you be living if as an adult - you are trying to seek 'fun' while brushing your teeth?
  • How retarded would you be if you can't realise that you are pushing too hard?
  • It's bad enough that you are staring at your phone while brushing your teeth - BUT - what makes it worse is that you are seeking to be 'entertained' by tips on brushing your teeth and some random headlines!
  • Who wants to give sad soul Kelsey a hug?
  • Who wants to recommend counselling sessions for Kelsey? Broken home? Abused as a child?
  • Who wants to kick the shit out Kelsey the retarded cunt?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dil Ke Armaan

Hassan Kamaal…

Dil ke aramaan aansuon mein bah gaye
Hum vafaa kar ke bhi tanhaa rah gaye
Dil ke aramaan aansuon mein bah gaye

Zindagi ik pyaas ban kar rah gai
Pyaar ke qisse adhoore rah gaye
Hum vafaa kar ke bhi tanhaa rah gaye
Dil ke aramaan aansuon mein bah gaye

Shaayad unn ka aakhri ho ye sitam
Har sitam, yeh soch kar hum sah gaye

Hum vafaa kar ke bhi tanhaa rah gaye
Dil ke aramaan aansuon mein bah gaye

Khud ko bhi humne mita daala magar
Faasle jo daramiyaan the rah gaye

Hum vafaa kar ke bhi tanhaa rah gaye
Dil ke aramaan aansuon mein bah gaye

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Californication – Season 6

4 episodes in. Don't think I am going to like this very much.

Faith (Maggie Grace) – Seems like a good addition to the cast, so far.

Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin) – Err… Takes more than a jet and a big house to pass off as a rockstar. He just seems to be trying waaaaay too hard to appear cool… and making the entire thing worse. BUT… tolerable (just barely). Hope this character gets better.

Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon) – Loud annoying cunt. Episode 1 - I couldn't take her blabbering and skipped the 'intervention' sequence altogether. DIE BITCH.

Ophelia (Maggie Wheeler) – Not loud… but still an annoying cunt.

Just want to strangle these two bitches. Aaarrgghh. Seriously… who the fuck enjoys watching such irritating annoying characters?? How can anyone term these characters as entertaining or adding value? They are ruining a reasonably good show.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Too Smart For Your Job


If you're always bored at the office, your coworkers don't inspire you, or you don't feel challenged by your work, you may be too smart for your job.

"We can delude ourselves that it's all the same to us whether we compile the latest version of the boss's favorite make-work project or dig into the coolest assignment we've ever had," writes Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of Human Workplace, in a recent LinkedIn Post. "Of course, it isn't the same at all."


  • You're bored.
    Nonstop boredom is the biggest indicator that you're too smart for your job, according to Ryan.

You don't go to work to be entertained. You go there to work! If you are bored… stop being such a sad prick and seek enjoyment outside the office.

  • You don't share your ideas.
    Your job should provide an ideal opportunity to brainstorm and shape ideas.

Firstly, it depends on the nature of ones job. Not ALL jobs require brainstorming sessions.

Secondly, perhaps you don't share your ideas because you don't have any. No good ones anyway. Perhaps not even any bad ones. That's not being 'too smart for your job'. That, in fact is not being smart at all!

  • Your coworkers are stuck in place.
    If your coworkers can't keep up when you explain a complex idea, or are opposed to reworking the way things have "always been done," it might be a sign that they're not intellectually challenging you.

Why would you want to present a complex idea when a simpler one is doing just fine?! If it's not broken… don't fix it you miserable little cunt. In all likelihood, it just might be that YOU are the intellectually-challenged twat that needs to shut up and do what you are told.

  • Your boss doesn't have a vision.
    "You can't grow your flame working for someone who has no idea what a vision is or where to get one," Ryan says.

Is it mandatory for the boss to share his/her vision with each and every employee?

Just because YOU don't think the boss has a vision, doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't have one. Most bosses didn't win their corner office in a lottery (Perhaps some did. Perhaps some got it by chance… born in the family or that sort of thing… but definitely not ALL).

Given that they have a corner office/better pay/prettier assistant… than you, it should be a clear enough indication that even if the boss doesn't have the brightest mind in the building, it's definitely brighter than yours. Stop wasting your fucking time and get on with work. OR - quit if you are so disillusioned. Start your own firm. Let's see your vision.

Here is the thing… if you were 'smart' (at even a basic level), you wouldn't need a shit article in the papers to tell you that you were 'too smart for your job'. You would already know that.

If you started thinking you are 'too smart for your job' only after reading this pathetic article and the idiotic assumptions of Liz Ryan, then - In addition to being stupid, you have now become a deluded wanker. Congratulations.