Tuesday, August 12, 2014



You don't need to watch the entire video. Just watch from the 47 second time marker. Just need to watch it for a few seconds where the draamebaaz cunt (yes, I said it.. SUE ME) starts barking.

"In that kitty of mine where people call me 'anpad' (illiterate) I do have a degree from Yale University as well which I can bring out and show how Yale celebrated my leadership capacities…

Today the bitch says, her statement was misconstrued [Link] .

How was it misconstrued? How was it misinterpreted? You did bark out that you have a Yale degree. The video of your barking session is all over the web. Look it up. Go to the studio and ask them for the original. You did say you a have a degree from Yale… you daft cunt!

Or is it that you don't know the meaning of the term 'misconstrued' or the meaning of the term 'degree'?

Please note, unlike Ajay Maken, most of us are not bothered if you have a degree (from Yale or anywhere else) or not. The cause for concern and irritation (along with your horrid 'acting' and annoying attitude) is the fact that you lied and then lied again… and now insist that you did not lie but your statement was misinterpreted. THAT, you stupid dumb bitch, is what the problem is. Did you understand that or should we get you a tutor to explain that bit?

There have been plenty of politicians / cabinet ministers with really crappy educational qualifications. The problem isn't your educational qualification or lack of it (that's the issue only for Ajay Maken and the likes). The issue in fact is that you are a shitty liar (way below the acceptable standard for a successful politician and even further below for a cabinet minister). You can't even come up with a believable excuse or a cover story or a witty retort. And THAT is why you qualify for a lot more tags/labels in addition to annpad, jaahil, gawaar, duffer, retard and so on.

Of course, there is no reason for you to lose sleep or be concerned about any of this. The political scene (not just in India) is littered with similar characters. More than plenty in your party itself. Look around at the other parties and you will find them there as well. Characters that are full of shit, incapable of exhibiting any intelligent thought. They are surviving. You will too.

India's own Sarah Palin.

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