Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Does Anyone Understand This?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi prayed this morning at the famous Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. He sanctioned 25 crores to build a 'dharamshala' at the major Hindu landmark and offered 2,500 kg of sandalwood at the temple built for Lord Shiva.


I don't understand. Here is why:

Modi uncle is free to donate to any charity/cause he wants to. But those amounts would have to come from HIS PERSONAL bank account. As per his affidavits, he doesn't have this kind of money [Link].

This wouldn't be such a big deal and I could perhaps understand if this was happening within the country itself. There could be shit loads of explanations. Party fund, chanda, donations from the public, government contribution… all that lauda lassun. BUT, it is happening in another country.

As the Prime-minister, he does have a say in how the Indian government's financial aid programs are put to use (I am assuming it would be after discussion and approvals in the parliament, at least and NOT decided unilaterally), but I can not understand why would any country's financial aid want to sponsor construction of dharamshala's and temples in another country? Isn't the financial aid supposed to be for infrastructure, research, development, natural disaster/financial crisis relief and stuff like that??

Tou sawaal ye hai, ke modi uncle kiss ke paise daan kar rahe hain aur kyon? BJP / RSS ke paise? If that is the case, tou bhai thoda clearly bataao na. If this is going from the financial aid program, then shouldn't someone be questioning this and not wasting time on stupid questions like the ones by the TMC MP's on why Modi didn't wish everyone for Eid (*rolls eyes. Idiots. Seriously). I mean… there are more important questions that need to be raised. This is just one of them.

Also… Why does India have a financial aid program when it receives financial aid from other countries itself? I am all for helping out the less fortunate (to an extent), but it would make sense only after you have your house in order.

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