Sunday, August 10, 2014

DP Tripathi Needs Help Getting Some Sense Of Proportion


“I like him very much as a cricketer and I really like Rekha as an actress but their conduct as nominated members of Rajya Sabha is despicable to say the least. By their behaviour and continued absence, they have insulted Parliament and Indian Constitution. Such people should have never been nominated to this august house.


The 'behaviour' that Tripathi is referring to is not showing up in the parliament.

Not attending parliament - While it may be considered as an insult to the parliament, first let's just have a look at the behaviour of the other MPs who do attend the parliament. Here are just a few:

How about some videos? Should help Mr. Tripathi put things into perspective.

The point is, although NOT ATTENDING the parliament may be considered as an insult to parliament - in light of some of the other shit that goes around, it is a minor issue and definitely does not merit such coverage. Statements like the ones made by Tripathi are definitely uncalled for and out of proportion.

2 Opinions:

Unknown said...

I guess once you accept the responsibility it is imperative that it is carried out diligently. The intelligentsia from different factions of the society are there to provide feedback during the sessions. They may or may not have valid opinions but that wouldn't be known if they don't attend.
If every decent citizen nominated as an MP and with basic intelligence shirks his/her duty, the riff-raff will never be contained. That's just my opinion.

L o r d R a j said...

What the citizen's Should / Must do and what actually happens are two very different things. Picking up on individual cases for an offence (yes, I do agree it isn't proper), while ignoring the bigger issues isn't helpful.

Considering that there are bigger issues that need to be handled, this misdemeanour hardly qualifies for the lashing out and coverage it has received.

I haven't said it should be ignored. I simply stated that the reaction should be in line with the offense. Not overblown (as in this case)