Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sessions Court Judge Suspended


The staffer complained of "inappropriate behaviour'' and alleged that he "stared'' at her in an offensive manner. During a preliminary inquiry, other staffers made similar allegations.



Are we going too far with this whole sexual harassment wave or is this just crappy reporting? I mean, surely there must be more to the charges than 'STARING in an offensive manner' to merit a suspension of a judge… don't you think?

If yes, then why the hell aren't those details put up? The article in its present state seems like a major over-reaction. Suspended For Staring… !! Ridiculous.

Bebasi jurm hai... hausla jurm hai
Zindagi teri ik-ik adaa jurm hai

Kya sitam hai ke tere haseen shehar mein
Har taraf gaur se dekhna jurm hai

What is most disturbing about that article is the reaction of some of the readers. Take a look:

Tejinder Dhaliwal is commenting on the news. Crappy reporting or not, all it states is the Judge was staring at a staffer. Please note, that is the only thing that has been confirmed in the article. Tejinder believes STARING makes this man a beast. As per Tejinder, not only is staring at a staffer shameful, but it also merits termination. It would seem that Tejinder wants to be Judge Jury and Jalaad in this case. Nothing wrong with the Judge, Jury and Jalaad approach, but… some sense of proportion wouldn't go amiss.

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