Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crap Customer Care

  • A simple banking transaction (Booking a Fixed Deposit) was executed on 9-08-2014.
  • The Relationship Manager confirms the creation of new FD but the same is not reflected on the online portal.
  • Calls made. Emails Sent. Relationship Manager responds. Forwards issue to the team. Assures it will be resolved.
  • Issue still unresolved.

I sent an email to Customer Service expressing my displeasure and the reply is 'treat the issue as closed from our end, because you are interacting directly with the branch official'.

Err… if the branch official had been able to sort out the issue, then I wouldn't be writing to Customer Service, NRI Services and the Branch Head… now would I??! If Customer Service or NRI Service or the Branch Head or the Relationship Manager are not going to address the issue, then perhaps they expect me to complain to Deepika Padukone (*rolls eyes)



My response:


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