Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Please Define 'Fun'


Seriously? FUN while brushing your teeth? Are you a 2 year old?

Thinking out loud:

  • How sad a life would you be living if as an adult - you are trying to seek 'fun' while brushing your teeth?
  • How retarded would you be if you can't realise that you are pushing too hard?
  • It's bad enough that you are staring at your phone while brushing your teeth - BUT - what makes it worse is that you are seeking to be 'entertained' by tips on brushing your teeth and some random headlines!
  • Who wants to give sad soul Kelsey a hug?
  • Who wants to recommend counselling sessions for Kelsey? Broken home? Abused as a child?
  • Who wants to kick the shit out Kelsey the retarded cunt?

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