Friday, August 1, 2014

Too Smart For Your Job


If you're always bored at the office, your coworkers don't inspire you, or you don't feel challenged by your work, you may be too smart for your job.

"We can delude ourselves that it's all the same to us whether we compile the latest version of the boss's favorite make-work project or dig into the coolest assignment we've ever had," writes Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of Human Workplace, in a recent LinkedIn Post. "Of course, it isn't the same at all."


  • You're bored.
    Nonstop boredom is the biggest indicator that you're too smart for your job, according to Ryan.

You don't go to work to be entertained. You go there to work! If you are bored… stop being such a sad prick and seek enjoyment outside the office.

  • You don't share your ideas.
    Your job should provide an ideal opportunity to brainstorm and shape ideas.

Firstly, it depends on the nature of ones job. Not ALL jobs require brainstorming sessions.

Secondly, perhaps you don't share your ideas because you don't have any. No good ones anyway. Perhaps not even any bad ones. That's not being 'too smart for your job'. That, in fact is not being smart at all!

  • Your coworkers are stuck in place.
    If your coworkers can't keep up when you explain a complex idea, or are opposed to reworking the way things have "always been done," it might be a sign that they're not intellectually challenging you.

Why would you want to present a complex idea when a simpler one is doing just fine?! If it's not broken… don't fix it you miserable little cunt. In all likelihood, it just might be that YOU are the intellectually-challenged twat that needs to shut up and do what you are told.

  • Your boss doesn't have a vision.
    "You can't grow your flame working for someone who has no idea what a vision is or where to get one," Ryan says.

Is it mandatory for the boss to share his/her vision with each and every employee?

Just because YOU don't think the boss has a vision, doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't have one. Most bosses didn't win their corner office in a lottery (Perhaps some did. Perhaps some got it by chance… born in the family or that sort of thing… but definitely not ALL).

Given that they have a corner office/better pay/prettier assistant… than you, it should be a clear enough indication that even if the boss doesn't have the brightest mind in the building, it's definitely brighter than yours. Stop wasting your fucking time and get on with work. OR - quit if you are so disillusioned. Start your own firm. Let's see your vision.

Here is the thing… if you were 'smart' (at even a basic level), you wouldn't need a shit article in the papers to tell you that you were 'too smart for your job'. You would already know that.

If you started thinking you are 'too smart for your job' only after reading this pathetic article and the idiotic assumptions of Liz Ryan, then - In addition to being stupid, you have now become a deluded wanker. Congratulations.

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