Sunday, August 10, 2014


Too many idiotic and unnecessary sequences in the film which absolutely ruin the few brilliant moments that it does have.

Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha) - Not required. An unnecessary distraction. 0 contribution to the plot or eye-candy.

The final fight sequence between Freddy/Farhad Daruwala and Virat (Akshay Kumar) is ridiculous, laughable and pointless. I thought this 'boss of sleeper cells' was supposed to be intelligent! Why the fuck is he dragging this on? His chashmish chamcha first discourages him for the fight… then holds back the other armed chamchas from firing and then concludes that both Virat and Boss man should be shot. Kya re!

One can't expect a Bollywood hero to exhibit common sense or act in a logical manner. Unnecessary twists are to be expected but some are more difficult to swallow than others.

Idiotic cop friend. Everyone (without exception) just following Virat's orders. Virat not informing any superior or agency. Virat's unnoticed (by family or neighbours) exit and entry to his house with hostages (possibly dragged or on his back) - Bollywood shit. Itni chutiyagiri tou tolerate karni hi padegi.

Here are a few which are difficult to swallow:

Why would Virat want his sister kidnapped? If it was to help zero in on the location, then he could have still used the sniffer dog and used ANY OF THE OTHER kidnapped girl's duppatta. It didn't necessarily have to be his own sister's duppatta!?

He just made it even easier for the sleeper cell boss to identify the 'team' that carried out the executions. If THAT was what Virat wanted to do, then why all this nautanki? He could have just told his name to the boss when he was chit chatting?

Another one - What if Sleeper cell member(s) did not go to the next sleeper cell member personally? Given that all of them had untraceable phones, they could have just been sent a message or a voice call to proceed to the target. It just doesn't make sense why they wouldn't use the untraceable phones. In case that had happened, Virat ki game ki to beep beep ho jaati.

Some moments were actually good, but those can't be appreciated given that there was just way too much shit overall.

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