Monday, March 31, 2014

Up To 70% Off At Pure Gold Jewellers, For Gulf Bank Customers

It is one thing to be a Detail Nazi… OR wanting to get things just right. BUT, if it takes you an hour and half to finalise a 5 line letter… clearly something is wrong with you!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

47 Ronin

I think it would have been significantly better if the actors would mouth their lines in Japanese and not in English. That said, I actually liked the film. Don't know why everyone else absolutely hated it… I think it's definitely worth a one time watch. I have rather simple tastes.

Keanu Reeves doesn't talk much in the film, which isn't a bad thing. The fight sequences are good. All frames with the Witch (Rinko Kikuchi) are really cool. The Dragon morph sequence - Brilliant!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TOI Seriously Needs To Work On Its Captions / Headlines / Titles

I seriously doubt that I am the only one who thinks the phrases 'Hot Pics' and 'Sexually Assaulted' appearing in the same sentence is inappropriate.

Fox News On Missing Jet

Zindagi Ki Raunaq Ko Yuun Sajaana Padta Hai

Khursheed Omer…

Zindagi ki raunaq ko yuun sajaana padta hai
Dard sahna padta hai gham chhupaana padta hai

Dil ki har tamanna ko umr bhar ke armaan ko
Masalehat ke chaukhat par bhuul jaana padta hai

Jo havaa se bikhrenge uss gulon ko dekho to
Har sabaa ke jhonke pe jhuul jaana padta hai

Kis liye tumhen 'khursheed' justajuu-e-tuufaan hai
Ishq mein to saahil pe duub jaana padta hai

Missing Jet

Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Crap From Bollywood

Saari night besharmi ki height… dim dim ye light ?!!!

Ye kaise ghatiya lyrics banaa rahe ho? And is that guy wearing thigh-high boots?! Seriously… wtf is going on in Bollywood?!!

Surprisingly, the ad jingles seem to be getting better… SIGNIFICANTLY better than crappy Bollywood 'songs'. They aren't bad to look at and are definitely much better as far as the quality of lyrics / music is concerned.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dhoni Moves To Court Or Dhoni Moves The Court?

Dhoni moved the Court?! Usually it is the Court that 'moves' for or against or on an issue. Right? I have seen the same phrase used plenty of times, and have always had this question.

So.. is that in fact the proper usage of the terminology OR is it a typo OR is it that Dhoni / Srinivasan are now directing the High Court??

On Handa Of Jaitley ?!

Jaahil ke saath saath aalsi bhi hain… can't even use spell-check!

Monday, March 17, 2014

US Will Never Accept Crimean Referendum: Obama Tells Putin


The United States and international community will never recognise the Crimean referendum to secede from Ukraine, US President Barack Obama has told Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.


Err… does it look like Putin (or anyone else for that matter) gives a damn if you accept it or not? The issue pertains to Ukraine, Crimea and Russia. How does US figure into this anyway?!

Given that Obama can't even dictate terms to the republicans in the US Congress or Senate (look at all the nonsense that keeps happening on Obamacare), what makes him think that he can dictate terms to the people of Crimea?!

What makes Europe and US feel that they know what is best for the Crimean population? Surely the people of Crimea should have at least SOME say in the matter… or is that not in line with Obama's definition of Freedom and Democracy?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Is This How People Travel In Mumbai?" Asked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Founder Arvind Kejriwal

Well, you didn't do them any favours by showing up with your 'supporters' and the camera crews! Fucking idiot.


People were standing on the stairs of FOBs, climbed ladders of eatery counters and pillars supporting the roofs to click pictures of Kejriwal…

Camera crews climbed onto the seats, backrests and other areas to get a good bite or picture. The situation had become so chaotic that railway police had to stop common men from boarding this compartment right from Andheri itself…

While other compartments were comparatively less crowded, one could hear people grumbling about politicians travelling in the train and inconveniencing people at large…

his followers began running around the platforms, so as to ensure 'protection' for Kejriwal. In the melee, many people jumped from one platform to the other. Yet another stampede-like situation arose, as other trains started pulling in and people started alighting in the limited space on the platforms.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do I Give A Damn?

Delhi Police Hadn't Checked Complaints Portal Since 2006 Because… They Forgot The Password!


Over 600 complaints regarding the Delhi Police forwarded by the Central Vigilance Commission to an online portal have been pending for the past eight years. The reason: the Delhi Police didn’t know the password to access the portal or how to operate it, a lapse that went undetected since 2006.


So… they forgot the password to an online portal that they didn't even know how to use. Waah! Perhaps the other online 'services' provided by the Indian government bodies have similar issues.

I would like to highlight that the primary problem here isn't the Government (Centre or State). The problem here is incompetence.

Why not privatise the government? Not just some services… I suggest privatise the entire government! Wonder if that would be possible.

Milk And Cookies


As in a shot of milk inside a "glass" that's actually made from a chocolate chip cookie.



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Nonsense In The Name Of Art

I have nothing against art (at least not the art works that I can comprehend), and I definitely don't have anything against smoking… but THIS is ridiculous / idiotic and most definitely NOT art!

Untitled (100 Cigarettes) from Wyatt Burns on Vimeo.

Gizmodo refers to Wyatt Burns as an 'artist' and this is supposed to be his performance art piece [Link].

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Abhi se dil o jaan sar e raah rakh do
Ke lutne lutaane ke din aa rahe hain

Jewels - Danielle Steel

Typical Danielle Steel book.

Every once in a while I can tolerate reading through one of these. This wasn't nearly as cheesy as most of her work (not saying it wasn't cheesy. It was. Just not AS cheesy as her other novels).

Like all her books, this too is way too girly/chick flick. And there were just WAYYY too many pregnancies in the book. I am sure the story could have been told with fewer siblings.