Monday, March 17, 2014

US Will Never Accept Crimean Referendum: Obama Tells Putin


The United States and international community will never recognise the Crimean referendum to secede from Ukraine, US President Barack Obama has told Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.


Err… does it look like Putin (or anyone else for that matter) gives a damn if you accept it or not? The issue pertains to Ukraine, Crimea and Russia. How does US figure into this anyway?!

Given that Obama can't even dictate terms to the republicans in the US Congress or Senate (look at all the nonsense that keeps happening on Obamacare), what makes him think that he can dictate terms to the people of Crimea?!

What makes Europe and US feel that they know what is best for the Crimean population? Surely the people of Crimea should have at least SOME say in the matter… or is that not in line with Obama's definition of Freedom and Democracy?

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BlasphmousB said...

The US would like the world to believe that they are the epitome of freedom, democracy and greatness. And like many people who have similar opinions of themselves, they end up looking like deluded bums.

People should just tell him to clean his own toilet bowl before he pokes his nose in someone else's toilet.