Thursday, March 6, 2014

Delhi Police Hadn't Checked Complaints Portal Since 2006 Because… They Forgot The Password!


Over 600 complaints regarding the Delhi Police forwarded by the Central Vigilance Commission to an online portal have been pending for the past eight years. The reason: the Delhi Police didn’t know the password to access the portal or how to operate it, a lapse that went undetected since 2006.


So… they forgot the password to an online portal that they didn't even know how to use. Waah! Perhaps the other online 'services' provided by the Indian government bodies have similar issues.

I would like to highlight that the primary problem here isn't the Government (Centre or State). The problem here is incompetence.

Why not privatise the government? Not just some services… I suggest privatise the entire government! Wonder if that would be possible.

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