Tuesday, March 31, 2015




I seriously doubt that ALL OF THAT could be '[SIC]'. If it is, then it SHOULD HAVE BEEN mentioned! In all likelihood, Kapil Dave has fucked up while drafting this article and it was published without any thought to proofreading.

Jaahil gawaaar log. English nahin aati tou Marathi paper ke liye article draft karlo. English ki beep beep karni zaroori hai kya??!

BJP - Largest Political Party In The World


The ruling BJP has become the largest political party in the world with its enrolment drive in the past five months taking its membership to 8.80 crore. The Communist Party of China was until now considered the largest party with about 8.60 crore members.

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav last week hailed the achievement saying the party had added one crore members in the eight days starting March 15.

"BJP's 8 crore members crossed," Madhav said last week, adding that the first 10 million were added in 30 days, the second in 22 days and the third in 13 days. He said the party added the fourth such unit in 16 days, the fifth in 18 days and the sixth in the subsequent 21 days. The last 20 million were added in 15 days and eight days respectively.


As senseless as statistics can be, shit like that just makes it impossible to shut up the Modi Bhakts constant yapping and the smug looks. Here is a little something to help you in your attempts to SHUT THEM UP… at least for a while:


Before I could try a third time, a 'doosra' — a text message — had me stumped: "Bhajpa me swagat. Kr.(kramank) 1087369859. Apna naam, pata, pin code (sambhav ho to email aur voter ID) 09242492424 par bhej kar prakriya purn karen (Welcome to BJP. No.1087369859. Send your name, address, pin code (if possible email and voter IS) to 09242492424 and complete the process."

Foxed, I responded with my 'man ki baat' text to the said number: "NO. Thank you. I do not wish to be a member." The BJP was not ready to give up its hunt. In fact, the party was casting its net even wider. Prompt came an automated response: "Thanks for the info. Please ask family members, relatives and friends to give a missed call to 18002662020 to join the BJP. Chalo chale Modi ke saath!"

…When asked to comment, BJP secretary Srikant Sharma said, "This is just the initial drive which will continue till April 30. In the next stage, verification of members will be done through door-to-door 'Jan Sampark' or public contact programme. In stage three, all new members who are not eligible or do not want to remain members will be weeded out. After that, training camps for active members will be conducted. This is a transparent system, which will reach the next stage only after verification."

Postscript: Sushil Modi kept his word. A call from his office on Monday afternoon was followed by another from BJP headquarters in New Delhi. Nikhil Singh, the caller, had retrieved my 'no thanks' message. "Your name is being removed now," he politely said, adding that all numbers added would be revisited after the conclusion of the membership drive to remove reluctant new members.


If it is a 'transparent system' then shouldn't people like Ram Madhav (BJP General Secretary) have waited for the verification process and Stage 3 to be completed before going on record about the number of members being added / milestones being crossed?

Surely their target will be achieved and surpassed - ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I am just saying that it is irresponsible to beat the drums right away considering there would be stories and questions about these statistics at this stage. Wait and iron those out… and then begin the chest thumping.

Even if they don't achieve their targets, they could always make an announcement that they have changed the method of counting party-members (like they did for the GDP) and as per the new methodology, they HAVE achieved and surpassed the target.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Teri Ummeed Tera Intezaar Jab Se Hai


Teri ummeed tera intezaar jab se hai
Na shab ko din se shikaayat na din ko shab se hai

Kissi ka dard ho karte hain tere naam raqam
Gilaa hai jo bhi kissi se teri sabab se hai

Hua hai jab se dil-e-naasabur beqabu
Kalaam tujhse nazar ko badi adab se hai

Agar sharar hai tou bhadke, jo phuul hai tou khile
Tarah-tarah ki talab tere rang-e-lab se hai

Kahaan gaye shab-e-furqat ke jaagne vaale
Sitaaraa-e-sahar hum-kalaam kab se hai

New Luggage Inspection System - Kuwait Airport - FINALLY


The Security Department at Kuwait International Airport on Friday started the implementation of a new luggage inspection system, following the method used in most international airports by cancelling the inspection of luggage before the passengers complete check-in procedures, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources explained that cancelling the first point of inspection doesn’t mean the passengers may board the plane without checking their luggage, because this is now done before their flights take off.


They sure took their time to get this implemented. Better late than never.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

'Including Keralites' … Err


Err… What's the implication here?

  • Is it to suggest that previously, mallus were NOT airlifted in similar situations?
  • Is it to point out that at some point in the discussion, it was suggested that mallus should be left behind?
  • Is it to establish that regardless of the God's Own Country campaigns, regardless of what some mallus may think (and some non-mallus may hope), Kerala is NOT a separate country?

Pathetic reporting by the PTI. Jaahil log.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warlock - Wilbur Smith

Started off ok… but quickly deteriorated to disappointing.

The content does not match up to the level of River God. If Taita's sorcery is in fact so formidable, then why the hell does he opt to use it only when all hope is lost?! Why can't he just use it when the problems begin and make it easy for everyone (including the reader)?

The Red Road nonsense with referees/umpires etc - IDIOTIC!! Nefer is not supposed to have any help in proving his worthiness to be a Red Road Warrior and we don't hear the end of that - YET, Taita is more than happy to help him with the archery task (and give him pointers for the other tasks as well). If THAT is how Taita wanted Nefer to 'prove his claim', then why the hell didn't the magus wave the staff and weave the magic for the entire Red Road event and make it a walk in the park for Nefer?

The last few pages of the book are absolutely rubbish.

Mintaka - 'You are not angry with me for disobeying you.’
Nefer - ‘You have given me a crown and a land.’ He shook his head and one of his tears fell upon her face. ‘Above that you have given me your love, which is more precious to me than all of that. How could I ever be angry with you?'

That's not a very noble / virtuous thing to say.

Perhaps Nefer needs to be reminded that not only did Mintaka disobey him, but her idiotic and immature decision to go to her uncle played a major role in the brutal murder of Merykara (Nefer's sister). The fact that her idiotic and immature decision / action resulted in Nefer getting some 200 manned chariots at a crucial point of the battle is irrelevant.

Also… there were far less dangerous ways of accomplishing that. One which readily comes to mind is the 'sorcery of the magus'. Which could be used to send a message to the General and other potential supporters. Could also be used to 'OVERLOOK' as he usually does - invited or uninvited. Could also be used to conjure up even more magical, mystical chariots with warriors. How about conjuring up that fancy 'khamsin'?

Or perhaps Nefer is not angry with Mintaka because - All is forgiven as long as Nefer gets the crown?? That's a rather shitty attitude.

Tere Gham Ko Jaan Ki Talaash Thi Tere Jaan-Nisaar Chale Gaye


Tere gham ko jaan ki talaash thi tere jaan-nisaar chale gaye 
Teri raah mein karte the sar talab sar-e-rahguzar chale gaye

Teri kaj-adaai se haar ke shab-e-intezaar chali gayi 
Mere zabt-e-haal se rooth kar mere gham-gusaar chale gaye

Na savaal-e-vasl na arz-e-gham na hikaayaten na shikaayaten 
Tere ahad mein dil-e-zaar ke sabhi ikhtiyar chale gaye

Ye hamin the jinn ke libas par sar-e-rah siyahi likhi gayi 
Yahi daag the jo sajaa ke hum sar-e-bazm-e-yaar chale gaye

Na rahaa junuun-e-rukh-e-vafaa ye rasan ye daar karoge kya 
Jinhen jurm-e-ishq pe naaz tha vo gunahgaar chale gaye

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lalu's Take On The Bihar Cheating Episode


Now, former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Yadav has offered his own  and, as always, unique take on the controversy. "When you go elsewhere,  no one will believe your degrees. If you can't clear exams, why don't you just fail them and retake them till you pass?" asked Mr Yadav today.


It isn't often that Lalu is cited as saying something sensible. This time around, he did manage to be sensible. If you fail, then retake the exams. I can't see anything wrong with that suggestion. It isn't a 'unique' or 'out of the box' in any way. In fact, he is simply stating the obvious. It is most disappointing that a sensible obvious suggestion gets labelled as UNIQUE by the media.

Of course, Lalu did go on to say some more:


"The current government says it can't control cheating... (during my time as Chief Minister) I used to hand out books to everyone and said 'fine, write from the books.'  Do you think they managed?  They kept on writing and three hours passed by and most of them failed anyway," Mr Yadav added

I would have chuckled and dismissed that statement like a lot of other individuals, EXCEPT… I do know some characters who did not manage to score a passing mark in spite of being given the answers! Sad but true (and a bit funny).

Nakal ke liye bhi akal chaahiye.

Friday, March 20, 2015

No Golf Club Memberships, But Free Yoga Sessions Are Fine?!

29 Jan 2015 - Modi government cancels golf memberships for bureaucrats

20 Mar 2015 -Free Yoga Classes for 31 Lakh Government Employees and Their Families

So, will there be a press release stating that these Yoga classes will be mandatory or is that implied? When do we see a government order pushing these Yoga sessions to the private sector as well?

Even then, we will have a bunch of idiots screaming that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the move. Once you idiots get your head out of Modi's ass and pull out the Culture / Heritage dildo out of your own ass, you will realise what the problem is.

I would explain exactly what the problem is.. but why bother? Blind supporters will fail to see the logic and individuals capable of unbiased thinking would already know.

How Does It Matter? Why Should It Matter?


Mr Chauhan raised the issue when the Minister of State for Water Resources Sanwar Lal Jat was replying to supplementaries during the Question Hour. "I want to know who brought the Ganga, why did he bring it?... What effects does bathing in it have," he asked.

Mr Jat said it was a "historical" matter and added it is known that Bhagirath had brought the river for the welfare of the masses. "Worship is done there," he added.


Is it necessary to have these mythological fictional 'historical' (*rolls eyes) trivia sessions in the parliament?!

Surely there must be more pressing matters that require attention in the Lok Sabha Question Hour. Don't you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I liked this better than Hunger Games. Somehow, made more sense (to me).

The climax though was a major let down. I did not understand why they needed to switch off the Dauntless members and turn them into drones? Couldn't the orders just be enforced / dictated? Couldn't the uprising come from the Dauntless faction independently (backed by Erudite)? Would have made a better plot (in my view).

Extremely disappointed with the final bits of the film. The gun-shooting sequence featuring mother and daughter against the Dauntless soldiers was… err… idiotic. In fact, throughout the film, all the interactions between the mother and daughter were ridiculous.

The last 20 minutes or so just ruined a reasonably good film (for me).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Over the years, governments have been involved with truck loads of nonsensical proposals, idiotic schemes, decisions. There are ample examples of that. Pick any country, any century, any party. There will be plenty of idiotic remarks/programs/decisions to choose from.

Here is one that happened recently:


Zhu Weiqun, a Communist Party official who has long dealt with Tibetan issues, told reporters in Beijing on Wednesday that the Dalai Lama had, essentially, no say over whether he was reincarnated. That was ultimately for the Chinese government to decide, he said, according to a transcript of his comments on the website of People’s Daily, the party’s main newspaper.


Obviously the entire thing is about who succeeds/takes over as leader of the Tibetan Buddhists. Naturally, the Chinese government would want someone who is more favourable to the Chinese view / claim. There is absolutely nothing wrong with China trying to pursue such an ambition. However, what is wrong (and deeply disturbing) is that not only are they bringing up an idiotic senseless concept (reincarnation) into discussion but they are even claiming control / authority / jurisdiction over it!

You thought it was just India that had dumb politicians with dumb policies? Did you believe that only Americans were capable of barking out senseless unscientific crap with complete authority (for example - Rep. Akin)? It's not just Boris Johnson or Blair or Lalu Or Bush… Evidently, the Idiot Bug outbreak is a global concern!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Following - Season 2 - Updates

Emma does fix her hair and gets rid of the piercings. That's in episode 5. I preferred the darker hair but blonde is better than the hideous colour she had on before. Blonde Emma is too sappy. Sappy, sad, pathetic. Definitely more stupid. Sigh… such a waste.

I simply do not understand why all the cop/FBI roles are so badly written (not just in this series)?

I have had enough of this idiotic show. And they just killed off Giselle. Hmm.

Deleting now.

The Following - Season 2

Done with first 3 episodes.

It's mostly disappointing with sparks of brilliance / logic / entertainment thrown in at random (too far apart to make it count).

Connie Nielsen (Lily Gray) is definitely good to look at, but the character is far from impressive. At least the character isn't Stupid or Annoying. That's a LOT considering the below-average writing.

Camille De Pazzis (Giselle) intrigues me. Also, she is good to look at.

Valorie Curry (Emma Hill) looks ridiculous with those piercing and that horrid hair! Most disappointing. Hope she fixes it in the upcoming episodes.

Watching this now just to test myself - How much more of this poorly written and even more poorly executed plot line, will I be able tolerate.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Following - Season 1 - Updates

Update - Done with Episode 12. and THAT is even worse than 11.

Update 2 - Three and half minutes into Episode 13 and it is super dumb!

Doesn't seem like I want to continue with the series, but since I have already downloaded Season 2, will try and at least watch a bit of that before I decide to trash this.

Update 3 - The FBI team in this series has absolutely fucked up coordination. Even by idiotic American tele-series standards.

Update 4 - Done with Season 1. Boring, predictable, stupid, shit. Will start off with Season 2 now (because I am curious and because I have absolutely nothing to do).

The Following - Season 1

Started off with this. It was really impressive… at the start.

I have always enjoyed watching James Purefoy. Mostly the eloquent calm sinister characters he plays. Thoroughly enjoyed his brilliant performance in Rome. Even in this show, he does play it rather well.

Valorie Curry (Denise / Emma) and Natalie Zea (Claire) are definitely good to look at. Emma - I do understand (and even like) the character. Claire, on the other hand, I find her annoying and a hindrance (still good to look at though). I just think she is stupid.

The first 4 episodes were an absolute treat to watch. Episode 5 and 6… not so much. Basically that lawyer bit was… err… I just found it idiotic. Also the part about the warden. I am sure there was a better way to go about the whole thing.

After that, the season has been just ok.

Episode 11, by far the worst (still have 4 more episodes to go in season 1).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lalu's Daughter Pulls A 'Smriti Irani'

Pehle microphone tou adjust kar le!


Bihar politician Lalu Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti is facing an embarrassing allegation that she lied about being invited as a speaker by the Harvard University and posted fake pictures.

…"Dr Misa Bharti was invited as part of the audience and not as a speaker of any panel at the India Conference at Harvard. She was not invited to deliver any lecture. Her attendee status can also be confirmed from the fact that she had to purchase a conference ticket as an audience," Rajat Sethi, Co-chair, India Conference at Harvard, told NDTV in an email.



Surely everyone remembers Smriti Irani's statement that she had a degree from Yale (later claiming her statement was 'misconstrued') [Link].

I am guessing even for this Misa Bharti episode, we will see clarifications, statements about posts being misinterpreted or misconstrued. Perhaps even something about Facebook account being hacked.

What I would REALLY find impressive though - If someone comes up with a statement that Misa Bharti DID in fact give a lecture at Harvard, but it was AFTER the India Conference was wrapped up. Implying that - It was a lecture to a private group and not part of the scheduled program of the India Conference, although at the same venue.

Not a brilliant excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. Much better than the misconstrued bullshit anyway.

A proper, believable smoke-screen / excuse would obviously be TOO MUCH to expect from the present bunch of idiotic politicians that are plaguing the Indian parliament and legislative assemblies, but perhaps we could expect some improvement from their offspring.

Sigh… Umeed pe duniya qaayam hai.

"Not Unsafe. But They're Dangerous"

You don't need to watch the entire 4 minute video. The first 50 Seconds or so would be enough.

Here is the transcript:


Steve Kroft: According to the government, there are 70,000 bridges that have been deemed structurally deficient.

Ray LaHood: Yep.

Steve Kroft: What does that mean?

Ray LaHood: It means that there are bridges that need to be really either replaced or repaired in a very dramatic way.

Steve Kroft: They're dangerous?

Ray LaHood: I don't want to say they're unsafe. But they're dangerous. I would agree with that.


What is the definition of Unsafe? Let's ask Google:


HC: Don’t Make Beef Ban A Religious Issue


The Bombay high court on Monday advised parties seeking the implementation of the new law banning the sale and possession of beef not to precipitate the matter and make it a religious or prestige issue.


If it is NOT a religious issue, then what issue is it? Cow/Bull/Bullock are endangered species?? When the fuck did that happen?

Listen mate, agar karne mein sharm nahin aati tou maan ne mein sharm kyon? The ban IS a religious issue and there is absolutely no point (or need) to deny that fact.

I am not in favour of the ban. Then again, I am not in favour of ANY BAN. The idea that government is now seeking to legislate CHOICE seems ridiculous to me. As bad as that is, it's significantly worse that the judiciary now refuses to call it as it is. Is the system so incompetent / impotent that it can no longer call a spade a spade?!!

Wild Card


Absolutely nothing in terms of story / plot.

Does have some witty dialogues. Time pass.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

River God - Wilbur Smith

Thanks Surya…

A good read. Enjoyable. Didn't come across any character that I would HATE, but I do feel the book would've been so much better if Taita was a little less biased towards the Queen. At least in his account of her knowledge about state matters, skill, tact etc. In my opinion, Taita gave her way too much credit and praise (for her skills and tact) but the recorded events don't reflect the same.

The last few chapters were a bit too… well… suffice to say there was too much emotion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks Pride…

If you love someone, let them go. If you hate someone, let them go. Basically - Let everyone go. People are stupid.

Kab Thehrega Dard E Dil, Kab Raat Basar Hogi


Kab thehrega dard-e-dil, kab raat basar hogi
Sunte the woh aayenge, sunte the sehar hogi

Kab jaan lahu hogi, kab ashq guhar hoga
Kis din teri sunvai ae deeda-e-tar hogi

Vaizz hai na zahid hai, naaseh hai na qaatil hai
Ab shehar mein yaaron ki kis traha basar hogi

Kab mehakegi fasl-e-gul, kab behakega maikhana
Kab subh-e-sukhan hogi, kab sham-e- nazar hogi

Kab tak abhi raah dekhen ai qaamat-e-janaana
Kab hashr muayyan hai tujhko tou khabar hogi

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Woolet - Bluetooth Wallet


  • Left your wallet behind? Someone trying to steal it? With Woolet, you’ll immediately know. Your phone will ring the moment you are separated from Woolet. You can specify any distance between 20-85 feet (6-25m) to get automatic alerts.
  • Misplaced Woolet somewhere nearby? Use the built-in distance tracker. You’ll know how far away your Woolet is and if you’re getting closer. Accurate to within 0.4m. There’s no hiding your Woolet from you.
  • Lost your wallet under the car seat? Maybe behind the couch? Get it to ring with the tap of a finger. Finding your Woolet is always super simple.
  • Don’t remember the last place you had your wallet? Woolet does. Your phone automatically records the last location it saw your Woolet. That means you already know the best place to start looking.
  • If your Woolet is ever lost, you can activate the Woolet crowd detection network. With a simple press on your phone, every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone
  • Left your phone behind but have Woolet? Woolet itself will ring to let you know. Woolet has a built-in ringer so protection goes both ways when you step beyond the tether distance you set. No more leaving behind your smartphone.


Impressive features. BUT… it does get me thinking:

  • Have we become so irresponsible / lazy / idiotic - that we feel the need for such gizmos? OR
  • Are such gizmos responsible for making us so irresponsible / lazy / idiotic?

Custom PINs - BBM



BBM has an update and one of the highlighted 'feature' is Custom PIN.

Cool and sense of exclusivity is fine, but it is rather pointless. The PIN isn't something that one would use every now and then (anyone putting up their BB PIN / KIK ID / Twitter Handle on a business card is just being ridiculous and perhaps thinks just way too much of him/herself). It does have a very limited use.

I would STILL be willing to consider it simply for the exclusivity bit IF it was just a one time purchase. A monthly subscription to have a custom PIN just doesn't work for me.

Outrage Over A Rapist's Remarks


One of the group of Indian men convicted of the notorious Delhi gang rape of 2012 has prompted outrage by claiming that his victim was to blame for her brutal sexual assault and murder.

In an interview from jail, Mukesh Singh said that women who went out at night had only themselves to blame if they attracted the attention of gangs of male molesters. "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy," he said.


If you were expecting some deep philosophical outlook / civilised response from a convicted rapist - well that just makes YOU an overly optimistic idiot. Seriously, what did you expect from a convicted rapist?! How can ANYONE be 'outraged' by something that is expected? I would be extremely surprised and sceptical (of the change in behaviour) if a convicted rapist were to voice out views of regret/repent. I would definitely question the motive behind this CHANGE.

One could give an ACCUSED the benefit of doubt (for an ongoing case), but it would be impossible to extend the same courtesy to someone CONVICTED of such a crime (especially when the evidence presented is overwhelming).

If anything, the remarks made by Mukesh simply validate my long held view that some individuals are incapable of reform. Individuals CONVICTED of rape fall in that category (for me). Primarily because - Unlike say murder or burglary… RAPE is a senseless crime (hold your bricks and comments for a second. READ ON).

'X raped Y because…'. There is no acceptable / rational way to complete that sentence. Crimes like Murder, Burglary, Extortion, Kidnapping, Forgery, Fraud etc JUST MAY have a reasoning / motive behind the act (financial gain is a well established one). There is definitely a possibility.

I am not saying it's OK to commit a crime if there is some reasoning / motive to it. I am just saying that there is a thought pattern in those cases which can be observed, recognised and understood (even if not accepted). In no way does that imply that the criminal act should be ignored or overlooked. However, when it comes to Rape, there is 0 possibility of any logical reasoning whatsoever.

Hence the statement - RAPE is a senseless crime and therefore it would be stupid to expect any sort of notable reform. In other words, the only logical sentence for such a crime (if accused is convicted and all reasonable appeals have been exhausted) MUST be capital punishment.

By reasonable appeals, I mean - Get rid of any appeal that is based on a 'technicality'. Throw out any appeal for clemency. Throw out any appeal/argument that begs for mercy and consideration because of the victim's age or lack of criminal record.

The appeals to be entertained should be of the nature of incompetent defense OR new evidence OR anything along those lines ONLY.


The concept (as I had understood) was interesting. It sure had a lot of potential. That said, a few minutes into the film, I simply lost interest.

I was hoping there would be a lot more on the resort and the happenings in the resort, but the plot focussing on Kelly (Ambyr Childers) was disappointing for me. That and Ambyr's horrible hair just made it impossible for me to sit through the damn thing.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tere Bin Nahi Laage Jiya


Just to show how it's still possible to compose a wonderful song with simple YET meaningful lyrics, beautifully put together without the [unnecessary] inclusion of Bhangra beats, Dhol, or pointless English sentences thrown in or a cheap rap mashed into the track just to make the damn thing rhyme!

Ye raaten ab nahin dhadakti, din bhi saans nahin lete
Ab toh aa jaao mere soneya
Baatein reh gayi adhoori, mere labon pe zaroori
Aake sun jaao mere soneya

Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa
Tere bin.. ab tou aaja piyaa
Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa

Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahin hain
Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahin hain
Sookhe-sookhe alfaaz, khaali-khaali mere haathon ki
Laqeeren bulaave soneya

Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hain sitaare
Tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saare
Aaja leke tu savere, kar ja door ye andhere
Teri doori tadpaave soneya

End VIP Culture… Err… Ok

Lots of talk about ending VIP culture in India. Petitions being signed, media conducting campaigns (online and onsite), debates…

Makes sense, but only to a limit. One must understand that there are certain privileges extended to certain individuals by virtue of office or social status/position. For instance, if the Chairman of a company is provided with a reserved parking spot, would you want to deny the privilege saying he is getting preferential treatment?

You do expect some concessions or preferential treatment of some sort - when you are member of some loyalty program (be it for lounge access or frequent flyer miles or a regular at a club or a patron). You don't expect the owner of a club (or his close friend or his business associate or his family members) to wait in queue to enter the club, do you?

Do you expect a person travelling Business Class to stand in the same queue as those flying Economy Class for the Immigration clearance or Check-in? Should someone sitting in Economy Class be extended the same services as to those sitting in Business Class in the name of EQUALITY? Are you suggesting that banks should abandon Priority Banking services / programs / waiting rooms for their clients?

The most prominent examples being voiced by the media (and some idiots) are being limited to a minister's motorcade rushing past with flashing lights and blaring sirens, while the traffic for the general public has been held up because of the blockade. I agree that's a good example (and a serious inconvenience), but here is the thing - THIS WILL continue. At best - instead of using the VIP thing as an excuse, it will be tagged as SECURITY REASONS or interest of national security bla bla.

The solution to THAT specific problem is not DEMANDING an end to VIP culture. The solution is BETTER PLANNING AND ORGANISATION.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Let's be honest (for a change) at least to ourselves. The problem is NOT Why is so and so getting the privilege? The problem is simply… Why am I not entitled to said privilege? I agree that it isn't always possible to arrive at a rational explanation for that question. BUT IN MOST CASES (not all), there is a rational explanation.