Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lalu's Daughter Pulls A 'Smriti Irani'

Pehle microphone tou adjust kar le!


Bihar politician Lalu Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti is facing an embarrassing allegation that she lied about being invited as a speaker by the Harvard University and posted fake pictures.

…"Dr Misa Bharti was invited as part of the audience and not as a speaker of any panel at the India Conference at Harvard. She was not invited to deliver any lecture. Her attendee status can also be confirmed from the fact that she had to purchase a conference ticket as an audience," Rajat Sethi, Co-chair, India Conference at Harvard, told NDTV in an email.



Surely everyone remembers Smriti Irani's statement that she had a degree from Yale (later claiming her statement was 'misconstrued') [Link].

I am guessing even for this Misa Bharti episode, we will see clarifications, statements about posts being misinterpreted or misconstrued. Perhaps even something about Facebook account being hacked.

What I would REALLY find impressive though - If someone comes up with a statement that Misa Bharti DID in fact give a lecture at Harvard, but it was AFTER the India Conference was wrapped up. Implying that - It was a lecture to a private group and not part of the scheduled program of the India Conference, although at the same venue.

Not a brilliant excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. Much better than the misconstrued bullshit anyway.

A proper, believable smoke-screen / excuse would obviously be TOO MUCH to expect from the present bunch of idiotic politicians that are plaguing the Indian parliament and legislative assemblies, but perhaps we could expect some improvement from their offspring.

Sigh… Umeed pe duniya qaayam hai.

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