Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BJP - Largest Political Party In The World


The ruling BJP has become the largest political party in the world with its enrolment drive in the past five months taking its membership to 8.80 crore. The Communist Party of China was until now considered the largest party with about 8.60 crore members.

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav last week hailed the achievement saying the party had added one crore members in the eight days starting March 15.

"BJP's 8 crore members crossed," Madhav said last week, adding that the first 10 million were added in 30 days, the second in 22 days and the third in 13 days. He said the party added the fourth such unit in 16 days, the fifth in 18 days and the sixth in the subsequent 21 days. The last 20 million were added in 15 days and eight days respectively.


As senseless as statistics can be, shit like that just makes it impossible to shut up the Modi Bhakts constant yapping and the smug looks. Here is a little something to help you in your attempts to SHUT THEM UP… at least for a while:


Before I could try a third time, a 'doosra' — a text message — had me stumped: "Bhajpa me swagat. Kr.(kramank) 1087369859. Apna naam, pata, pin code (sambhav ho to email aur voter ID) 09242492424 par bhej kar prakriya purn karen (Welcome to BJP. No.1087369859. Send your name, address, pin code (if possible email and voter IS) to 09242492424 and complete the process."

Foxed, I responded with my 'man ki baat' text to the said number: "NO. Thank you. I do not wish to be a member." The BJP was not ready to give up its hunt. In fact, the party was casting its net even wider. Prompt came an automated response: "Thanks for the info. Please ask family members, relatives and friends to give a missed call to 18002662020 to join the BJP. Chalo chale Modi ke saath!"

…When asked to comment, BJP secretary Srikant Sharma said, "This is just the initial drive which will continue till April 30. In the next stage, verification of members will be done through door-to-door 'Jan Sampark' or public contact programme. In stage three, all new members who are not eligible or do not want to remain members will be weeded out. After that, training camps for active members will be conducted. This is a transparent system, which will reach the next stage only after verification."

Postscript: Sushil Modi kept his word. A call from his office on Monday afternoon was followed by another from BJP headquarters in New Delhi. Nikhil Singh, the caller, had retrieved my 'no thanks' message. "Your name is being removed now," he politely said, adding that all numbers added would be revisited after the conclusion of the membership drive to remove reluctant new members.


If it is a 'transparent system' then shouldn't people like Ram Madhav (BJP General Secretary) have waited for the verification process and Stage 3 to be completed before going on record about the number of members being added / milestones being crossed?

Surely their target will be achieved and surpassed - ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I am just saying that it is irresponsible to beat the drums right away considering there would be stories and questions about these statistics at this stage. Wait and iron those out… and then begin the chest thumping.

Even if they don't achieve their targets, they could always make an announcement that they have changed the method of counting party-members (like they did for the GDP) and as per the new methodology, they HAVE achieved and surpassed the target.

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