Friday, March 13, 2015

The Following - Season 1

Started off with this. It was really impressive… at the start.

I have always enjoyed watching James Purefoy. Mostly the eloquent calm sinister characters he plays. Thoroughly enjoyed his brilliant performance in Rome. Even in this show, he does play it rather well.

Valorie Curry (Denise / Emma) and Natalie Zea (Claire) are definitely good to look at. Emma - I do understand (and even like) the character. Claire, on the other hand, I find her annoying and a hindrance (still good to look at though). I just think she is stupid.

The first 4 episodes were an absolute treat to watch. Episode 5 and 6… not so much. Basically that lawyer bit was… err… I just found it idiotic. Also the part about the warden. I am sure there was a better way to go about the whole thing.

After that, the season has been just ok.

Episode 11, by far the worst (still have 4 more episodes to go in season 1).

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