Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HC: Don’t Make Beef Ban A Religious Issue


The Bombay high court on Monday advised parties seeking the implementation of the new law banning the sale and possession of beef not to precipitate the matter and make it a religious or prestige issue.


If it is NOT a religious issue, then what issue is it? Cow/Bull/Bullock are endangered species?? When the fuck did that happen?

Listen mate, agar karne mein sharm nahin aati tou maan ne mein sharm kyon? The ban IS a religious issue and there is absolutely no point (or need) to deny that fact.

I am not in favour of the ban. Then again, I am not in favour of ANY BAN. The idea that government is now seeking to legislate CHOICE seems ridiculous to me. As bad as that is, it's significantly worse that the judiciary now refuses to call it as it is. Is the system so incompetent / impotent that it can no longer call a spade a spade?!!

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