Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Following - Season 2

Done with first 3 episodes.

It's mostly disappointing with sparks of brilliance / logic / entertainment thrown in at random (too far apart to make it count).

Connie Nielsen (Lily Gray) is definitely good to look at, but the character is far from impressive. At least the character isn't Stupid or Annoying. That's a LOT considering the below-average writing.

Camille De Pazzis (Giselle) intrigues me. Also, she is good to look at.

Valorie Curry (Emma Hill) looks ridiculous with those piercing and that horrid hair! Most disappointing. Hope she fixes it in the upcoming episodes.

Watching this now just to test myself - How much more of this poorly written and even more poorly executed plot line, will I be able tolerate.

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