Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Outrage Over A Rapist's Remarks


One of the group of Indian men convicted of the notorious Delhi gang rape of 2012 has prompted outrage by claiming that his victim was to blame for her brutal sexual assault and murder.

In an interview from jail, Mukesh Singh said that women who went out at night had only themselves to blame if they attracted the attention of gangs of male molesters. "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy," he said.


If you were expecting some deep philosophical outlook / civilised response from a convicted rapist - well that just makes YOU an overly optimistic idiot. Seriously, what did you expect from a convicted rapist?! How can ANYONE be 'outraged' by something that is expected? I would be extremely surprised and sceptical (of the change in behaviour) if a convicted rapist were to voice out views of regret/repent. I would definitely question the motive behind this CHANGE.

One could give an ACCUSED the benefit of doubt (for an ongoing case), but it would be impossible to extend the same courtesy to someone CONVICTED of such a crime (especially when the evidence presented is overwhelming).

If anything, the remarks made by Mukesh simply validate my long held view that some individuals are incapable of reform. Individuals CONVICTED of rape fall in that category (for me). Primarily because - Unlike say murder or burglary… RAPE is a senseless crime (hold your bricks and comments for a second. READ ON).

'X raped Y because…'. There is no acceptable / rational way to complete that sentence. Crimes like Murder, Burglary, Extortion, Kidnapping, Forgery, Fraud etc JUST MAY have a reasoning / motive behind the act (financial gain is a well established one). There is definitely a possibility.

I am not saying it's OK to commit a crime if there is some reasoning / motive to it. I am just saying that there is a thought pattern in those cases which can be observed, recognised and understood (even if not accepted). In no way does that imply that the criminal act should be ignored or overlooked. However, when it comes to Rape, there is 0 possibility of any logical reasoning whatsoever.

Hence the statement - RAPE is a senseless crime and therefore it would be stupid to expect any sort of notable reform. In other words, the only logical sentence for such a crime (if accused is convicted and all reasonable appeals have been exhausted) MUST be capital punishment.

By reasonable appeals, I mean - Get rid of any appeal that is based on a 'technicality'. Throw out any appeal for clemency. Throw out any appeal/argument that begs for mercy and consideration because of the victim's age or lack of criminal record.

The appeals to be entertained should be of the nature of incompetent defense OR new evidence OR anything along those lines ONLY.

2 Opinions:

pride said...

well said.....I totally agree!! what would u expect from a person who commits a crime like rape anyways....and a horrendously brutal one at that!!If he had any civility do u think he would commit a crime like rape which has no justifiable motive whatsoever ??? Woh toh jaahil hai....lekin uskey saath aap log bhi kam jahaalat ka muzahira nahin karr rahey ho!!IDIOTS!!


L o r d R a j said...

I have often used the quote - 'Jahaalat ki bhi hadh hoti hai'. But every now and then 'people' make it evident that Jahaalat ki koi hadh nahin hoti.