Sunday, March 1, 2015

End VIP Culture… Err… Ok

Lots of talk about ending VIP culture in India. Petitions being signed, media conducting campaigns (online and onsite), debates…

Makes sense, but only to a limit. One must understand that there are certain privileges extended to certain individuals by virtue of office or social status/position. For instance, if the Chairman of a company is provided with a reserved parking spot, would you want to deny the privilege saying he is getting preferential treatment?

You do expect some concessions or preferential treatment of some sort - when you are member of some loyalty program (be it for lounge access or frequent flyer miles or a regular at a club or a patron). You don't expect the owner of a club (or his close friend or his business associate or his family members) to wait in queue to enter the club, do you?

Do you expect a person travelling Business Class to stand in the same queue as those flying Economy Class for the Immigration clearance or Check-in? Should someone sitting in Economy Class be extended the same services as to those sitting in Business Class in the name of EQUALITY? Are you suggesting that banks should abandon Priority Banking services / programs / waiting rooms for their clients?

The most prominent examples being voiced by the media (and some idiots) are being limited to a minister's motorcade rushing past with flashing lights and blaring sirens, while the traffic for the general public has been held up because of the blockade. I agree that's a good example (and a serious inconvenience), but here is the thing - THIS WILL continue. At best - instead of using the VIP thing as an excuse, it will be tagged as SECURITY REASONS or interest of national security bla bla.

The solution to THAT specific problem is not DEMANDING an end to VIP culture. The solution is BETTER PLANNING AND ORGANISATION.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Let's be honest (for a change) at least to ourselves. The problem is NOT Why is so and so getting the privilege? The problem is simply… Why am I not entitled to said privilege? I agree that it isn't always possible to arrive at a rational explanation for that question. BUT IN MOST CASES (not all), there is a rational explanation.

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