Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Idiotic Headline


The fact that Yogesh Darji (30) is a Class IX dropout has absolutely no significance to this story. This would be the same as taking note of the cellphone Darji used and typing out a headline 'iPhone user cheats bank of bla bla' Or say taking note of what his father did for a living and typing out 'Son of private contractor cheats bank of bla bla'.

The article penned by Mateen Hafeez is poorly drafted. A sentence in the opening paragraph states:


The accused, Yogesh Darji, and his accomplice opened an account in the name of the debt recovery tribunal (DRT), asked them to buy properties at lower prices through DRT auction and took demand drafts from them.

Asked 'them' …. from 'them' - Err.. 'them'  WHO? Does them refer to DRT? Does them refer to  the Bank? Neither of that makes sense but however that's what that sentence implies. Look at the screenshot. There is no mention that Darji and his buddy were approaching the general public and taking money from THEM. That is mentioned later in the 'article'.

Mateen Hafeez may nor may not be a Class IX dropout.. but he is a shit journalist / reporter. TOI should seriously consider outsourcing their operations to a more competent agency

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