Saturday, February 21, 2015

Boat Blowing Bullshit (UPDATED)

I am not going to bother with putting up the videos. Anyone who is interested in this story would have definitely watched the videos. Including the one that shows a burning boat in the water which SOMEHOW is supposed to serve as 'irrefutable proof' that the boat wasn't attacked or fired upon.

I would just like to highlight the obvious point that many people have missed to focus on. The point is - Either Loshali was lying when he said he ordered to Blow Off the boat (seriously, some effort in sentence formation would be appreciated. At least as a courtesy to your rank, if not to the English language) OR he was lying when he said that the occupants of the boat blew themselves up.

One way or the other - Loshali is lying. Questioning Loshali's statements, irrespective of whatever version of truth the government wants to subscribe to, does NOT and CAN NOT amount to treason. Simply put, here is someone who has been caught lying. One should not be accused of high treason or labelled a terror supporter simply for calling Loshali a liar.

Also, please note - UNCOVERING THE TRUTH isn't going to happen on an online debate or on some bloody news channel with the anchor barking at a panel of politicians. I believe it is a safe assumption that whatever bullshit the government puts out in connection with an encounter with international terrorists, will HAVE TO BE accepted as the truth. It is highly unlikely that any government is going to backtrack on an official statement no matter WHAT evidence may be presented. You can have your theories, but the official position is NOT going to be altered. So let's just drop it and stop wasting our time.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao. Sigh… chutiyon ka desh.


Coast Guard Officer Who Contradicted Government on Pak Boat Removed

That's all that needed to be done. There was no need for all this draamebaazi and releasing a video (that proves nothing). Ab yahi agar pehle kar dete tou shaayad thoda kam be-izzat hote. Sigh..

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