Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome Back Modi PR Team

I am guessing it was the washout in Delhi that forced a reality check for BJP (in general) and Modi (specifically). Trying to shift the focus to Bedi (during the campaigning) was definitely a masterstroke to set up a convenient scapegoat in the event of defeat but… it didn't go EXACTLY as planned.

The PR Team seems to be back now and back in full force. Perhaps Modi had a chance of catching the footage of his own irresponsible blabberings and remarks (or in some cases, lack of remarks) and decided to recall the team. Time for Damage Control.

The first thing to go was that suit (THANK YOU). That along with other 'gifts' to be auctioned and proceeds to be used for one of Modi's MANY 'pet' projects (sometimes it's the bullet train, sometimes it's Ganga clean up, sometimes it's the Patel statue… damn… make up your fucking mind).

Then the team made sure that Modi appears at the right places and mouths the right phrases (even if he appears to be stating the obvious). Flurry of activity. Statements flowing from the salesman (trying WAY TOO HARD to portray himself as a statesman) on everything from reform to tolerance. Bla bla bla.

Hopefully, this lasts. Seriously. Desh ka kuchch ho na ho, it just isn't nice to see a head of state (any state) being an idiot.

It really isn't necessary for Modi (or any other PM) to actually DO SOMETHING. It is enough for the general public even if the PM simply APPEARS to be doing something (in the right direction).

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