Monday, January 26, 2015

The Modi Suit


The say-my-name suit was tailored by Jade Blue in Ahmedabad, the clothing chain that handles Mr Modi's wardrobe and has copyrighted the 'Modi Brand' of kurtas


I would understand if it were Mika or SRK wearing something like that. Celebrities are self-obsessed and definitely have the cash. Probably even I would like one (not sure if I could afford one), given the delusional narcissist that I am. But when an elected head of state of a democratic republic wears one, it does make one wonder.

It would definitely be interesting to read the RTI response as to who paid for the suit. Considering that a 2011 story in suggested that such a suit could cost around USD 15,000-25,000 [Link]. I mean, was it a gift from an industrialist or the designer or some Modi Fans?

Or was it accounted as an expense from the Party Funds or was it billed to the exchequer? Would be nice to know how much 'grooming allowance' is given to the party's star-member / PM.

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