Monday, January 5, 2015

The Belty



It's the world's first smart belt featuring an electric-powered motor built into the buckle that automatically loosens the strap when you sit down, and then tightens the belt again when you stand up

The Belty is truly smart in that it's able to learn on the fly how far it needs to loosen when you sit down, even after consuming a massive meal, or fasting for a week. You can also specify the limits of how far the buckle can winch itself in, so it doesn't accidentally constrict and cut off your blood circulation from the waist down. And to let you leave your fitness tracker at home, the Belty has an accelerometer too so it can keep tabs on your activity level throughout the day, providing metrics through its app to shame you into eventually not needing to wear a self-adjusting belt


One would like to hope that there is a limit to human stupidity. Sadly… it doesn't seem like there is any such cap set on the idiotic bullshit that these 'pioneers' keep coming up with.

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