Thursday, January 29, 2015

UP To Gift Couples In Inter-caste Marriages Rs 50,000, Medal And Certificate


The Uttar Pradesh government in an unprecedented move to encourage intercaste marriages has promised to give such couples a robust Rs 50,000 as reward. Not just that, the newly-weds will also be given a medal and certificate.

…Singh added, "The scheme is applicable in the entire state and the only condition is that one side, either the groom or the bride, must belong to the schedule caste. There is no restriction of income in such marriages.

…Social activists immediately welcomed the announcement, with many saying in a region where honour killing was quite the norm, such incentives might go a long way in changing the mindset. Rohit Chaudhary, a jat, who married Priya Chaturvedi, a Brahmin, in 2008 said, "It will be hard to immediately change the mindset of people even after the prize money, but it's a step forward. Every person has the right to choose who he or she wants to live with. No one should be persecuted on the basis of caste or faith."


Saala iss mein bhi reservation / quota?!

On top of that, the idiotic people are referring to this as PRIZE money? Prize? Which contest did you win? Survivor Series - Honour Killing Special?!

Moving on - In my view (based on the news stories hitting the media every now and then) the couples would be more interested in receiving new identities / relocation - something like Witness Protection Program - as opposed to a bribe, medal and a certificate.

Government Philosophy - Something must be done. THIS is something. Let's do it.

Just because SOMETHING needs to be done, doesn't mean that you get up and do ANYTHING that strikes your stupid head. It would help if you idiots could think things through. Try it. It's not as hard as it seems.

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