Monday, January 5, 2015

College Offers Course On Selfies!


A UK college here is offering its students a new course on the art of selfies and chance to become fully qualified selfie-takers.selfies and chance to become fully qualified selfie-takers.
City Lit College will offer a first ever 'selfie course' for Euro 132 (USD 160) starting this March called "The art of photographic self-portraiture".


I used to believe (at one point) that I understood the term 'art' and could be considered as someone with a reasonably discerning/refined taste. But with all the crap that gets churned out in the name of art (and that crap being appreciated), I think it's better I label myself a philistine.

Now we have colleges offering a course in the 'art' of selfies… Sigh. Kill me… kill me now!

Ab na rahe woh peene waale… ab na rahi woh madhushaala.

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