Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rahul Is Alive!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy doing his own "PR" (public relations) and has not done anything concrete so far, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday. "The NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government came to power in May (2014). The Prime Minister has just been doing his personal PR, but no concrete work has been done," Rahul Gandhi said during a roadshow here ahead of the Delhi assembly polls.


Firstly, Welcome Back! Kahaan the aap itne din?!

Now about that statement. Well at least Modi is doing something. Even if it is just PR (which you are in desperate need of, by the way). Moreover, Modi is doing something that he seems to be undoubtedly good at. Very good at. I have said it before and I stand by it - Modi is a salesman.

Moving on, I am sure there must be something that you too could be good at. Why not take the time and figure that out? The things you are evidently NOT good at - Fronting rallies and road-shows. Just let it be. Get in touch with some consultants and figure out how to use your soft voice and family name to your advantage. I am sure they can come up with something. They always do. That's what they are paid for. EVEN YOU could be good at/for something.

Until then, just let Modi be. Let's hope that he and his minions don't fuck up too much.

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