Monday, January 5, 2015

The Mentalist - Season 7

Done with the first five episodes.

The bad part - Emily Swallow is not part of the cast :( .

Although the episodes are watchable (in general) and even fun for most parts… it would have been so much better if there were fewer idiotic bits.

Episode 3 - Orange Blossom Ice Cream - Always great to see Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin). But come on! A little bit of work on the screenplay would have really made this episode amazing. The entire courier/terrorist thing should have been handled better. The character just seemed easily convinced and a bit too simple minded.

Episode 4 - Black Market - Absolutely pointless. Nothing but guess work and hoping things work out. Lisbon doing the psychic bit… err.. let's not have that again, please.

Episode 5 - The Silver Briefcase - Everything was pretty much fine till the end. The climax was pathetic and rushed.

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