Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BlackBerry Classic

Got it! Excellent device.

With the Q10, I did crib a bit about the lack of track-pad, but I got used to it rather quickly.

With the track-pad now included in the Classic… it's perfect! Add to that, being able to hang up by pressing a physical key - The satisfaction of that experience can not be expressed with words. They also got the chrome bezel back - which significantly improves the look (have no idea why they didn't have that in the Q10).

I honestly did not think that it would be possible to improve on the existing BlackBerry keyboard, but this one is so much better. A massive improvement from the Q10's keyboard. Although, I do wish they had included the touch sensitive keyboard for the Classic as well (as they have done with the passport)… but… well - shit happens.

Switching to the new device… completed in 10 minutes flat. Everything works and works well.

One issue though - The BlackBerry key opens the context menu on the right side of the screen. Not a deal-breaker, but it would be better if the key was either placed on the right instead of left or the context/overflow menus opened in the left instead of right (I am just quirky).

One request - A global dark theme… please. I have set it up for BBM, Contacts, Calendar, WhatsApp, Twitter… but I want it for the Settings menu and for the Hub as well. I am confident that I wouldn't be the only one with this request.

For people who DO want the App Drawer (picked up the term from Android users) to open directly on unlock, it can be done (just saying, because the other day, some fool said it can't be done and I called him up last night to tell him how it could be done and that he needs to learn how to read).

With Quick Settings, Keyboard shortcuts and Universal Search - I really don't see the need for an 'App Drawer'. I dumped everything into folders (reduced the clutter and made one 'crap' folder) and just set up my device to not go directly to the 'App Drawer' (when device is unlocked) but just stay on the nice clean home-screen.

A phone for the civilised, dignified lot (in my humble opinion).

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