Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How Do You React When

- You send X an email stating - 'Dear X … you have to do a, b, c' - and X takes a print out of the email - walks up to you and says 'I got this email. What do I do?'

- Y is rummaging through a file looking for an official letter (text being in his native language) and unable to find it. Continues to flip through the file, at which point you get fed up - grab the file - flip to the relevant section (clearly marked) and find the document in question - IN SPITE of not being fluent in the language.

- You assign a task to Z and check with him after a week. He replies - 'There was no answer when I called last week'. When you ask if Z had bothered to try again, he replies 'I will call now'.

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