Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rang Jo Lagyo

Mayur Puri, Priya Panchal…

Thami thami si saansein,
Jeene lagi hain - tumse jo mil gayi…

Asar yeh kaisa teri chaahat ka hai mujhpe ho gayaa
Zarra-zarra mere dil ka ab tujh mein hi kho gayaa
Meharbaan lavo rab barsa hai jab se tu hai mil gayaa
Tujh ko paa ke aisa laage ke khud se hoon mil gayaa

Ke rang jo lagyo…

Rang aisa gehra ishq ka
Hai rooh mein ghulne lagaa
Chchoote naa – iss ka nishaan

Jahaan ki parwaah kya jab dil yeh hadh se aage badh gayaa
Saji hai duniya meri mujhko tu nayaa sa kar gayaa

Ke rang jo lagyo…

Dekho pighaltaa aasmaan
Boondon se karta hai bayaan
Pyaar mera – bai-panaah

Jo bhoole se bhi na bhoole tu aisa waada bann gayaa
Tode se bhi naa toote jo dil ka naata bann gayaa

Ke rang jo lagyo…

Spot-Fixing Accused Ankeet Chavan Gets Bail For His Wedding


NEW DELHI: Cricketer Ankeet Chavan, who was arrested by Delhi police recently for his alleged role in spot-fixing during IPL games, was on Thursday granted bail till June 6 by a city court for his wedding.


Any chance of his bail getting extended? He must've planned a honeymoon as well, right?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things NOT To Do On A Forum


That post was put up a few minutes ago on

  • Your first post on a forum.
  • You decide to go to the BlackBerry Q10 board.
  • Start a thread with the title BlackBerry Q10.
  • Your post is 'BlackBerry Q10'…



Then, as if to prove that YOU ARE retarded – you edit your post and change the text to a hyperlink…. now linking to GsmArena!

Seriously, mate – just how stupid are you?!

Colour Changing LED Scarf


Monday, May 27, 2013

Dexter – Season 8


Game Of Thrones – Season 3

Done with Episodes 1-8. Two characters that continue to annoy me are Catelyn Stark and the red head bitch going on about her God Of Light nonsense.

Dragon babe is now my favourite character. Well her and Tyrion Lannister.

No new episode this week. Next episode on June 2. We wait…

The Mentalist – Season 5

I have to admit, I am getting rather bored of all this Red John nonsense. Doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Add to that, Jane isn't nearly as witty as he was in the previous season(s).

  • Episode 2 – Devil's Cherry – This one made me want to go to bed.
  • Episode 5 – Red Dawn – Finally. Something worth watching.
  • Episode 13 – The Red Barn – Yawn.
  • Episode 14 – Red In Tooth And Claw – Compared to the previous crap, this was rather tolerable.
  • Episode 16 – There Will Be Blood – Bla bla bla. Pointless.
  • Episode 18 – Behind The Red Curtain – Seems like the script for this one was pulled out of the rubbish bin.
  • Episode 21 – Red And Itchy – Everything was more or less fine with this, except towards the end where they fucked up big time. I mean… all this investigation into the rapist who was released, and NO ONE bothered to point out that he didn't have a tongue?!
  • Episode 22 – Red John's Rules – CRAP.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

India Set To Become Net Provider Of Security In Region: PM Manmohan Singh [Updated To Include NDTV's Report]

I did scan through the entire text (I insist you do the same) and was unable to find a single reference to Manmohan Singh's ambition/prediction for India set to become a PROVIDER of security in the region. The text includes: We seek to advance peace, stability, friendship and cooperation in our region and beyond, and we do so with the confidence that our armed forces can defend our country against any threat.

That does NOT mean India is set to be a security provider. If you don't know what that sentence means then try READING IT (as opposed to blindly hitting Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V). If you STILL don't get it, then ASK someone!

The last line of the speech states: Therefore, while defending and securing our homeland, we also have to be prepared to preserve India's expanding international assets.

The Text:


GURGAON: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said India's deterrence capabilities have ``matured and have been given concrete shape'' in the last nine years, even as the country has become ``better equipped'' to deal with non-conventional threats, especially in the cyber and space domains.

``We are implementing a national architecture for cyber security and have taken steps to create an office of a national cyber security coordinator,'' he said, after laying the foundation stone for the Indian National Defence University here.

``India's defence and security are a fundamental obligation of the government to our people and an essential prerequisite for our national social and economic transformation. Our government has attached the highest priority to these tasks. We seek to advance peace, stability, friendship and cooperation in our region and beyond, and we do so with the confidence that our armed forces can defend our country against any threat. This confidence is based on the many steps that the government has taken to strengthen our nation's defence capabilities,'' he said.

``In the last few years, we have added significantly to the land forces to protect our borders and inducted new equipment to increase the Army's firepower. Our ability to service our frontiers with improved infrastructure and enhanced air mobility is considerably greater today than in the past. We have enhanced the full spectrum of capabilities of our Air Force and are equipping it to remain at the cutting edge of technology for the decades that lie ahead,'' he said.

``Not only are our borders stronger, our seas are also more secure. The capabilities of our sea-borne forces to guard our coastline and offshore assets has seen enormous expansion in the last five years. We have placed special emphasis on strengthening the capabilities of our Navy, which is fully equipped to operate at great distances from our shores, protect our maritime interests, respond to natural disasters and provide humanitarian assistance to the need,'' he added.

The PM said the government was conscious of the fact that adequate defence preparedness is critically dependent on sound defence acquisition policies. ``We have paid close attention to this and have continually reformed those policies to ensure that our Armed Forces have the best equipment. We have also been guided by the objective of making our defence acquisition transparent, smooth, efficient and less vulnerable to unethical practices. We will continue to seek the highest standards of probity in defence acquisition,'' he said, in the backdrop of a series of defence scams erupting in the last few years.

``Another issue to which we have paid close attention is indigenisation of defence procurement. Our government is committed to taking further steps to stimulate the development of our domestic defence industry, including the Indian private sector. This is important not only to enhance our security, but also to spur industrial development and economic growth of our country. We must fully utilize the sophisticated management and technological capacities that are already present in our private sector, including in the defence field, not just for production but also for defence research and development,'' he said.

India faces the entire spectrum of security challenges. This is inevitable as India lives in a difficult neighbourhood, which holds the full range of conventional, strategic and non-traditional challenges. The country is also situated at the strategic crossroads of Asia and astride one of the busiest sea lanes of the world. ``We inhabit a networked and digital world. Our dependence on imported energy is significant and is likely to grow. We are also living at a moment of history when the world is witnessing change on a scale and at a speed rarely seen before,'' he said.

``Nowhere is this change more pronounced than in Asia, where we are witnessing multiple security challenges on account of the intersection of fragile states, internal conflicts, proliferation of arms and terrorist groups. Explosive development of technology is also transforming defence capabilities. As our dependence on the cyber and outer space domains grows, new sets of challenges will emerge, which can also assume military dimensions. The nature of conflict and competition is changing at the same time when national boundaries are being blurred by deepening global integration. Therefore, while defending and securing our homeland, we also have to be prepared to preserve India's expanding international assets,'' he added.


Perhaps Singh DID mention something to THAT effect (security provider bla bla) in his speech. If he did, clearly that hasn't been included in the 'article'.

Note to Rajat Pandit:

  • If all you intend to do is Copy-Paste the text of a speech, then please don't put up your name in the byline.
  • You could ensure that the headline does have a direct connection to 'your' one and half page/714 words of Copy-Paste text. Seriously, that is the LEAST you could do.

I also scanned through shit loads of comments on the article and not ONE reader has pointed out that the Copy-Paste speech does not mention 'PROVIDER OF SECURITY IN REGION'!

Most of the comments are just bad-mouthing Singh and/or Congress. I am not a fan either but… does ANYONE really read these stories beyond the headline? Why would you want to comment on a story without even READING it!?! Dimaag hai ke nahin?!

Jaahil-gawaar-chutiye-dharti pe bojh-neech zaat-chotte log-social disease! Doob maro.


NDTV has put up a similar headline and there they HAVE included the relevant quote from the PM  - "We have also sought to assume our responsibility for stability in the Indian Ocean Region. We are well positioned, therefore, to become a net provider of security in our immediate region and beyond," Dr Singh said.

The best part - NDTV didn't need a one and half page 'article' to do it!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Error In Gold Rate Price Feed from DGCSC

Screenshot from the website:

Screenshot from a website linking to the price feed:


As you can see - In the price feed, the rate displayed is:

  • Japanese Yen instead of Kuwaiti Dinar.
  • Indonesian Rupiah instead of Indian Rupee.

Spot Global Phone - USD 499


Spot, a subsidiary of satellite communications giant Globalstar, recently announced its new Global Phone, a fairly basic lightweight handset that supports phone calls, SMS and compressed data at speeds of up to 28 kbps for $499. Usage fees are also fairly reasonable, with plans ranging:

  • 10 minutes per month for $25
  • Unlimited calling for $150, plus a $50 activation fee.
  • 80 minute plan for $40,
  • 200 minutes for $65
  • 400 minutes for $100 with monthly billing.

The device itself sports four hours of talk time or 36 hours of standby, and provides direct access to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center when you dial 911. The Global Phone is available now through a variety of retailers, including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and REI.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Just came across something really interesting on CrackBerry.

The thread was about how to edit settings on the phone to have the SIM number displayed on the screen. Solutions and suggestions were offered by the users, but this one response got me chuckling.


The guy wants you to ASK HIM for his BB PIN, but has absolutely no issues putting up his phone number on a public forum!!

When the moderator pointed out that this wasn't such a good idea, Shaolinfinest replies:


I would have requested permission from Shaolinfinest before putting up the screenshots, but… ahem. I guess it is pretty obvious why I didn't feel the need to.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pak Judge May Visit India


Pakistani judge Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi probing the murder of Indian death row convict Sarabjit Singh may also visit India to complete the judicial inquiry.

The one-man inquiry tribunal has appealed to Indian nationals having information about the matter to file written submissions with relevant documents within seven days.

The Indians are required to get themselves registered with the inquiry tribunal at its official website, said Riaz Ahmed, the personal staff officer of the judge.

Ahmed said the judge might visit India in connection with the inquiry if he feels a need.



  • Sarabjit Singh was imprisoned in Pakistan (since 1991).
  • Sarabjit Singh was attacked by inmates in a Paki prison.
  • Sarabjit Singh was treated in a Paki hospital.
  • Sarabjit Singh died in the Paki hospital.

Now… what possible information can any Indian national residing in India have 'about the matter'? If some Indian national does claim to have information - s/he could also be accused of spying!

The world is being overrun (and run) by idiots!

Abbey chutiye - Akal ke aane ke liye, shakal ke bigadne ka intezaar kyon karte ho! (Crtsy: Chulbul Pandey)

Nixon's Ghost

Karzai Seeks Indian Military Aid Amid Tensions With Pakistan


KABUL: Afghan President Hamid Karzai plans to discuss potential arms deals with Indian officials during a trip to New Delhi this week, officials said, at a time when tensions are running high on Afghanistan's disputed border with Pakistan.

"Afghanistan has already agreed and signed a strategic pact with India and based on that agreement, India assists Afghanistan on several grounds, including the military sector," Faizi said.

"In order to strengthen Afghan security forces, we will ask India to help us with military needs and shortages," he said.


High hopes.

Doesn't he know that the Indian government doesn't seek Indian military aid even for its own issues with Pakistan and/or China?! Guess he doesn't read the news. How is this for an example:

The government was rigid in its view that the Chinese army must vacate and pull back, but some things have changed on the ground in eastern Ladakh and it will take a while to figure out if the new posture is permanent … …This means Indian forces will not seek to mark a presence — as they have been doing in recent years — in an area they see as India's side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) well within its claim lines [Link].

INR 10 Billion Nirbhaya Fund… What's Happening?

In February 2013, the Finance Minister had allocated INR 10 Billion for the Nirbhaya Fund. Most of the general public cheered the move. It was evident that they had not bothered to read the news item beyond the headline. I did read the article and couldn't understand what all the cheering was for!

I had put up a post highlighting how idiotic the allocation was, given that at the time of the announcement - the Finance Minister admitted that the proposed fund had no defined structure, scope or application!!

So, what ever happened to the Nirbhaya Fund? TOI reports:


Five months after the violent December 16 crime outraged the country, there is no clarity on which of the ministries — finance, home and women and child development (WCD) — should be given the administrative charge of the fund.

The only headway since the ghastly incident occurred has been setting up of a taskforce to create an institutional mechanism for the fund announced in the Union budget as a measure for women's empowerment.

"The taskforce has been set up but there is no decision on who will spend the fund. Reports and recommendations can be prepared but there must be political will to execute good intentions,'' a source said.


Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

BlackBerry Q10

The other day, got myself a Q10. Actually, got 2 (Black for me and White for sis).

Initial set up was easy. Didn't face any issues with Contacts / Calendar or BBM restore. It did take a few minutes to get a hang of the Swipe gestures, but not as big a deal as some (very few, but there are some) had made it out to be.

  • The Keyboard is excellent (no surprises there).
  • Swipe gestures make navigation very easy (once you get the hang of it). I would say give it an hour or two of use.
  • The browser is much better than I expected.
  • One full battery charge lasts me a little over 24 hrs (which I think is great, considering the usage).

It hasn't disappointed. Although, there are a few things that seem to have been overlooked by BlackBerry. Hope these will be resolved soon. Some of them are:

  • Calendar - Seriously lacking. What happened to the 'Upcoming Events'?
  • Notifications – Crap. The notifications in OS7 were perfect. Simple and comprehensive. Why would they change that?
  • Speed Dials from Home-screen – It is confirmed that BlackBerry is working on this and it might be available in the next OS update.
  • Startup / Loading Screen – Err… not happening, mate.

Other than the above, there are the usual complaints about 'Apps' (*rolls eyes). There aren't enough apps. Some apps are choppy / not as functional as they should be bla bla.

In my view, those issues should be addressed to the App Developers. Not to BlackBerry. That said, there are plenty of reports suggesting that work is going on to improve / expand the Apps available for OS10.

I don't really bother with much on the apps front. Don't see the need for most of them, really. The ones that I do need / use – seem to be working just fine.


Done with Episode 23. I am assuming this to be the end of Season 1. For me, it is also the end of the series because I will not be watching this anymore.

Some episodes were intolerably stupid - It was like watching a Star Plus soap opera! Parts of some episodes were really good. Unfortunately there weren't nearly enough of those good parts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Man Dribbling Soccer Ball To Brazil Killed By Car



A Seattle man trying to dribble a soccer ball 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) to Brazil in time for the 2014 World Cup died Tuesday after being hit by a pickup truck on the Oregon Coast.

Police in Lincoln City, Oregon, said 42-year-old Richard Swanson was hit at about 10 a.m. while walking south along U.S. Highway 101 near the city limits. He was declared dead at a local hospital. The driver has not been charged.


He was 268 miles into his 'quest' when the accident happened.

I don't intend to sound insensitive but… sad things are likely to happen to stupid people attempting stupid stunts (charitable cause or not).

Or may be I am just a heartless insensitive robot. That said… Heartless is better than being brainless/mindless.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BlackBerry Q5 Announced


The new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone will be available in selected markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia (including the Asia Pacific region), and Latin America, with availability beginning in July.


It seems that the Q5 will be available in pink as well (err… ok…).

There were other announcements too. Including one stating BBM will be made available for IOS and Android.


Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) - Perfect fit for the Green Arrow but somehow difficult to identify as a billionaire playboy. He just doesn't look the part. I want to blame the wardrobe department for that (at least partly). Just lacks the class. Even when it comes to dialogue delivery or the body language. Simply put, Stephen Amell doesn't seem convincing as a billionaire or a playboy.

Walter Steele (Colin Salmon) -Now HE fits the part of a powerful executive.

Helena / Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) - Err… annoying. Never did bother with this character, even while reading the comics (Justice League etc).

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) - Good to look at, for sure. Talks just a tad bit too much, but tolerable. I am sure the looks help.

Thea Queen (Willa Holland) - Smart, witty and only occasionally difficult.

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) - Irritating.

Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), Detective Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) - Ignoring the lot.

Man Damages 4 Washington Homes With Bulldozer


A Clallam County man angry at his neighbors went on a rampage with a bulldozer Friday, damaging four homes, knocking one off its foundation and cutting power to thousands of people, authorities said.

…A “highly agitated” Barry Alan Swegle, 51, was booked into the Clallam County Jail for investigation of first-degree malicious mischief, a class B felony, Borte said.

…A neighbor named Phil Riley said a disagreement over a property line had been escalating for a long time between Swegle and Dan Davis, whose two properties were severely damaged, according to the Peninsula Daily News.


First-degree malicious 'mischief'?? Interesting categorisation for the offense.

If I had a penny for every time I have wanted to indulge in such 'mischief'… Sigh.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Just started off with the series. Done with the first 4 episodes.

Not bad… so far. Reminds me a lot of Smallville (the earlier seasons, when I actually gave a damn about what was happening in the show).

Thursday, May 9, 2013

As Per TOI - Nokia's EVP States - Asha 501 Is 'WITHOUT' Style And Substance (Typo)


Couldn't get the TOI header, so included the address bar in the screenshot.

Illiterate incompetent idiots can't even report a quote properly.

The actual quote is (As reported on NDTV): "The new Nokia Asha 501 raises the bar for what is possible in affordable smartphone design and optimization," said Timo Toikkanen, executive vice president, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "The synergy between the physical design and the engine that is the new Asha platform has created a smartphone with both style and substance at a great price." [Link]

I wonder if Nokia would consider suing TOI for this shit. Hmm.

I did leave a comment (screenshot below). Doubt it will be published.

More Typos!


have kidnapped NOT have kidnap!!

Jaahil, gawaar… aaarrggghhh


TOI has updated the news article. Now worded differently (Glad I took a screenshot).

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.

- Aldous Huxley

Ye Jo Divaane Se Do Chaar Nazar Aate Hain

Sagar Siddiqui…

Ye jo divaane se do chaar nazar aate hain
In mein kuchch saahib-e-asraar nazar aate hain

Teri mehfil ka bharam rakhte hain so jaate hain
Varna ye log to bedaar nazar aate hain

Duur tak koi sitaara hai na koi juganu
Marg-e-ummeed ke aasaar nazar aate hain

Mere daaman mein sharaaron ke siva kuchch bhi nahin
Aap phuulon ke kharidaar nazar aate hain

Kal jise chhuu nahin sakti thi farishton ki nazar
Aaj vo raunaq-e-baazaar nazar aate hain

Hashr mein kaun gavaahi meri dega 'sagar'
Sab tumhaare hi tarafdaar nazar aate hain

History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's dam is the history we made today.

- Henry Ford

It is so disappointing to see the general population getting dumber with every passing day. Everyday I think 'It couldn't possibly get worse than this' and as if to prove me wrong - immediately someone will share an even more idiotic thought!

Not only are they behaving in a mindless manner, they are also turning increasingly shameless. I am unable to understand the reason behind the alarming deterioration in self respect. People (in general) no longer feel ashamed. What makes it even worse - A complete lack of sense of responsibility. Everything is conveniently blamed on the 'Situation' and/or the 'Circumstances'.

Pathetic. Just wish more individuals were willing to use their brains.

I Met CBI Officials On Law Minister’s 'Instance': Vahanvati


This post is NOT about the scam. Honestly, I couldn't care less.

My first issue is with the pathetic ads on the website. Meet Filipino Girl Kuwait?? One Weird Trick To Master Your Manhood??? Wtf! Something seriously wrong with Google Ads. I don't recall EVER searching for anything even remotely related to filipino girls in Kuwait or mastering manhood.

Second issue - I am pretty sure the Attorney General meant to say "on law minister's insistence" and not instance. Definitely makes more sense that way.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ziploc Bag Jacket


You can't be serious!

This is what Gizmodo has to say:


It's perfect for snacks, emergency supplies, and since the Ziploc seal is waterproof, even electronics. You can even fill each bag with food coloring if you're trying to match it to an outfit, or goose feathers for a warm and affordable winter jacket. Utterly brilliant.

Err… obviously it doesn't take much to impress these guys.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feel The Burn


One of the comments on Gizmodo had me chuckling:

'No Criminal Record' Affidavit For A 10 Month Old Infant


NEW DELHI: Imagine a child who hasn't learnt to walk or talk being asked to submit an affidavit stating he has no criminal record or any case pending in court. That is what exactly happened to Ghaziabad resident Sridevi Iyer, when she applied for a passport for her 10-month-old son in February this year.

…She and her husband visited the PSK again on February 22 with the affidavit, but they were again turned away. "We were asked to produce a verification certificate (annexure F) issued by a competent authority. Both these documents are not part of the list of papers required for minors as per the website.

When we asked why this information was not given in the website, we were told that the 'website is not duly updated'," Iyer said.


As per the article, the kid's passport was received after 50 days from the date of application. This is AFTER applying under Tatkal (supposed to be fast tracked) AND after bribing the officer to complete the verification procedure!!

Iss desh ka yaaro kya kehna…

Thursday, May 2, 2013

NDTV Typos Continue


Murder not Muder !!

Illiterate incompetent dumb fucks…


Headline typo fixed. Wonder how many people had to point out the typo before NDTV decided to fix it…