Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'No Criminal Record' Affidavit For A 10 Month Old Infant


NEW DELHI: Imagine a child who hasn't learnt to walk or talk being asked to submit an affidavit stating he has no criminal record or any case pending in court. That is what exactly happened to Ghaziabad resident Sridevi Iyer, when she applied for a passport for her 10-month-old son in February this year.

…She and her husband visited the PSK again on February 22 with the affidavit, but they were again turned away. "We were asked to produce a verification certificate (annexure F) issued by a competent authority. Both these documents are not part of the list of papers required for minors as per the website.

When we asked why this information was not given in the website, we were told that the 'website is not duly updated'," Iyer said.


As per the article, the kid's passport was received after 50 days from the date of application. This is AFTER applying under Tatkal (supposed to be fast tracked) AND after bribing the officer to complete the verification procedure!!

Iss desh ka yaaro kya kehna…

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