Friday, June 29, 2012

Fawlty Towers


Watching Fawlty Towers again.

Always gets me in a good mood.



The ChildMinder® Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System is a passive child safety seat monitoring system comprised of the Elite Pad, system Base Unit and a Key Ring Alarm Unit. This system functions the same as the Smart Clip. It is for premies, but may be used through the toddler years. (An additional Single-Unit Key Ring Alarm Unit for an alternate caregiver may be purchased separately.)

The Elite Pad System will significantly reduce that one in a hundred thousand chance that your child may be inadvertently left unattended in a motor vehicle while seated in their child safety seat.


Message to the people who will consider buying this product – YOU DON'T DESERVE TO HAVE KIDS!

Seriously, how could one forget a child in the car?

There have been times when I did forget my bill fold in the car. A few times I forgot my mobile. But I never forgot my dog!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Louis CK Talks About…

This guy always cracks me up.

Game Of Thrones – Season 2

Just for the record – I haven't read the books yet. I do intend to, soon.

Done with Season 2. Waiting for Season 3.

I really did enjoy watching the battle sequences. Nicely done. Definitely worth a watch. But I still say, the supernatural part is just a bit… well it slows down the pace (for me). The parts of the show that are North Of The Wall feel like such a drag (to me).

Another thing that had me rolling my eyes was – The God Of Light crap. That red head bitch really ticks me off. Her face is irritating enough, and then she opens her mouth and starts talking shit. Aaarrghhh.

The Qarth part was definitely fun to watch. I do like the dragon babe with the silver hair (Emilia Clarke). Something about her. Besides, the whole dragon thing is… mystical, intriguing, interesting. A million times better than the zombie nonsense or the god of light crap.

Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) - Talks way too much and isn't nearly as witty as one would expect.

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) – I am still confused about this one. Annoying cunt, for sure. But can't decide whether it's the character or the actor.

Jaqen H'ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) – An interesting character. Do hope we get to see this character in the next season.

Talisa Maegyr (Oona Chaplin) – Absolute beauty.

Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) – Excellent addition to the cast. Well done!

Uss Bevafaa Ka Shahar Hai Aur Hum Hain Doston

Munir Niazi…

Uss bevafaa ka shahar hai aur hum hain doston
Ashk-e-ravaan ki nahar hai aur hum hain doston

Shaam-e-aalam dhali to chali dard ki havaa
Raaton ka pichhalaa pahar hai aur hum hain doston

Aankhon mein udd rahi hai luti mahfilon ki dhool
Ibrat bara-e-dahar hai aur hum hain doston

Ye ajnabi si manzilen aur raftagaan ki yaad
Tanhaiyon ka zahar hai aur hum hain doston

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School Punishes Girl In 35 Degree Heat


Hyderabad: In the 35-degree heat in Hyderabad, a school girl was ordered to stand in the sun for more than five hours.  A bandage was taped over her mouth.  This was her teacher's way of punishing her for not doing her homework. She was not allowed any food or water.


Disciplining a child / student / ward is one thing. THIS is just sad!

Make her stand on the bench, or in the corner facing the wall. Strike her palms with a ruler – understandable if not completely acceptable. But making a 16 year old stand in the sun for five hours with her mouth taped?? WTF!! Psycho!

What could the teacher possibly be thinking while suggesting such a punishment? Was the teacher thinking at all? Is there going to be a claim of mental breakdown or temporary insanity from the teacher's defence1 lawyer?

Where are the Human Rights Activists now? Or is it that only terrorists have human rights?

The report states that the parents have filed a police case against the teacher and the principal. Honestly, I don't see the point. There will be court cases and that means delays. Boring, tedious, pointless court sessions and piles of paperwork. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Court cases are only interesting when there are big names (individual or corporations) involved. In most cases (where big names are not involved), the Indian judiciary has a simple approach – bore them / tire them / frustrate them to the point where no one really cares about the judgement.   

Some may demand a public apology - Again, I don't see the point. Subjecting the teacher and/or the principal to something similar should be considered, but then we would have some idiots barking out Gandhi quotes like 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'.

SOCK IT! Every time I hear someone say that, I want to punch their lights out. As a brilliant mind once pointed out – A witty saying proves nothing (Voltaire).

My suggestion – Don't subject the teacher to something similar. Subject the teacher to something worse. Far worse. How about this:

  • The teacher serves the remainder of natural life housed on a prison campus (without possibility of parole / early release for good behaviour or any nonsense of the sort under any circumstances) tutoring the prisoners.
  • Sentence to be enforced immediately without trial/hearing.
  • No appeal(s) on any grounds.
  • The teacher can opt for a psych evaluation (paid for by the teacher's estate. Tax-payers are supporting enough criminals and lowlifes2 already).
  • If any treatment is deemed necessary or offers considerable probability of improvement, treatment may be administered on the prison campus (cost borne by the teacher's estate – Same logic as before, but sentence still stands. There will be no release).
  • If the teacher in question has children, custody is transferred to the next of kin.
  • Control of all assets of the teacher should be transferred to the relative(s) given custody of the children.
  • All financial matters to be reported to / regulated by legal solicitors subject to audit by at least two private auditing firms (The teacher gets to appoint the legal representative. We wouldn't want the government to meddle with the finances. Look at how the government handles its own finances!)

How is THAT for discipline? How is THAT for punishment? How is THAT for tough love?

1 - In British English, the correct spelling IS defence and NOT defense
2 - Yes, that is a word -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Device Analyser Activation For OS .523

Just in case if someone was really missing the Device Analyser:

In order to enable this application please perform the following steps:

  • On the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options
  • Hold the ALT key and type BBDA    ( ALT + BBDA)

The message BlackBerry Device Analyser enabled in options application will appear on the screen. The application will appear under Options >Device >Advance System settings >BlackBerry Device Analyser.


"Many people stay at my government accommodation and it is not possible for me to be aware of the credentials of every one of them," said Khan.


Khan's denial came after allegations that Jundal, an Indian mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, allegedly spent a day in a room belonging to Khan at the old legislators' hostel near Mantralaya in 2009. Khan was then a member of legislative council.

"Many people stay at my government accommodation and it is not possible for me to be aware of the credentials of every one of them," said Khan while reacting to the allegation.


Err… It is (was) a government accommodation provided to you. It is NOT a public park or a motel that anyone can just walk in and have a sleep over!

Indians would be expecting a better excuse / attempted cover up, from a minister, than a simple 'How the fuck would I know who is staying in my room'.

At least make an effort to come up with a plausible cover up!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Game Of Thrones – Season 1

The Series

Done with Season 1. I wasn't expecting this to be nearly as interesting. Of course, it does help to have the entire season and not just a few episodes. I would have liked it a lot more if they could do away with the zombie White Walkers bit.

Easy to pick a favourite. Without a doubt – Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish (Aidan Gillen) is a close second.

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) – Have an extremely tough time tolerating her. Wish they had cast someone else for the role. She just doesn't 'do it' for me. And this time it's not the colour of her hair. It's just her wretched face. Revolting.

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) – I am a bit confused about this one. I don't like her, that's for certain. I just can't decide who do I find MORE annoying – the character or the actor.

Will be starting off with Season 2, in a bit.

OS – 9900

Link to the Official OS

Had tried a few 'official' versions earlier as well. 0.428 and .437 were disappointing and I reverted to .391 which seemed to work just fine.

Have been using for a few days now and it is definitely an improvement. A solid build. I have never had a problem with the Battery Life on my 9900 (unlike few others. In a few cases, I did manage to point out what they were doing wrong), but this one makes it last even longer.

Other than that – this OS comes with Application Resource Manager (ARM) which identifies applications that are hogging your phone's resources and shuts them down (can be set to do it either automatically or to prompt the user).

The only thing that seems to be missing is Device Analyser. It is missing on the phone, but I am not really MISSING anything, given that I have used the Device Analyser only once.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In politics stupidity is not a handicap.

- Napoleon

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

Amitabh Bhattacharya…

Abhi mujh mein kahin, baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi, jaana zinda hoon main to abhi
Kuch aisi lagan, iss lamhe mein hai - ye lamha kahaan tha mera

Ab hai saamne, isse chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Khushiyaan choom loon, yaa ro loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Dhoop mein jalte hue tann ko, chhaaya perh ki mil gayi
Roothe bachche ki hansi jaise, phuslaane se phir khil gayi
Kuch aisa hi ab mehsoos dil ko ho rahaa hai
Barson ke puraane zakhm pe marham lagaa sa hai
Kuch aisa reham hai, iss lamhe mein hai - ye lamha kahaan tha mera

Ab hai saamne, isse chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Khushiyaan choom loon, yaa ro loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Dor se tooti patang jaisi, thi ye zindagani meri
Aaj ho kal ho mera naa ho, har din thi kahaani meri
Ik bandhan nayaa peechhe se ab mujhko bulaaye
Aane waale kal ki kyun fikar mujhko sataa jaaye
Ik aisi chubhan iss lamhe mein hai - ye lamha kahaan tha mera aa

Ab hai saamne, isse chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Khushiyaan choom loon, yaa ro loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Vicky Donor

Thank you to Surya and Fakhry, for suggesting this film. A bit surprised. I was expecting this to be … err… trash. 

Not bad. Definitely watchable.

Annu Kapoor – Well played. Can't imagine anyone else doing a better job at playing Dr. Baldev Chaddha.

Yami Gautam – Refreshing. Not just 'good to look at'. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Nigerian Scam – Why The Emails Are So Obvious?

Almost everyone I know has received at least one of those Advance Fee Fraud emails (popularly known as The Nigerian Scam). The ones that start of something like:



Dear Sir,

Good day and compliments. This letter will definitely come to you as a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine the future and continued existence of the entire members of my family.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. (Mrs.) Mariam Abacha, the wife of the late head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria who died on the 8th of June 1998.

Ever wondered:

  • Why the emails are so obvious?
  • Why the scammer isn't even making an effort to convince the reader that this is NOT a scam?
  • Why did the scammer mention 'Nigeria' in the email, arousing the reader's suspicions?

I did wonder and I did figure it out. But, it is always nice when someone else arrives at the same conclusions. Sort of a validation to your own findings.

As it turns out, the scammers do all this intentionally. Cormac Herley, a researcher from Microsoft has the answers. I will admit, my 'research' into the subject wasn't nearly as elaborate as Herley's. I arrived at the same findings/conclusions based solely on deductive reasoning and common sense (as I am sure most individuals did).

Of course, a 13-14 page explanation with a few graphs and lots of Math thrown in makes it more presentable as a research, than my – Elementary my dear Watson approach.

Moving on – the reason why the scammers send out obvious and unconvincing emails is: The scammers are not looking for a great email response. What they are looking for is Marks (intended victims). A dumb/uninformed mark is a good mark.

The scammer could waste his valuable time in composing a more believable proposal/offer and then sent it half way around the world. This would definitely get him a significantly higher response rate, but it wouldn't filter out the idiots and/or the uninformed. Although he got a great response to his scam mail, he still doesn't know which of these respondents would make a good mark.

Solution – Send out an unconvincing proposal. A proposal that any thinking brain could easily deduce to be a scam. Be sure to make it obvious by specifying that the offer is from someone in Nigeria.

NOW, if you do get a positive response – the scammer can be pretty sure that the respondent is uninformed and does not have a thinking brain.

Result – The scammer now has a filtered, trimmed down Potential Victims list.

Don't roll your eyes. Considering the number of such scams being reported by the not so intelligent victims, clearly there are a lot of idiots in the world who just can't get their brains to work. I personally know two individuals who have fallen for one such Advance Fee fraud.

Alternatively, the reply could be from some smart ass just messing with the scammer for kicks. But the probability of that happening is rather low. Most people with a thinking brain usually have better things to do with their time, as opposed to sending out replies to Nigerian scammers. Some even come up with a 13-14 page explanation for the Nigerian Scam!

BTW, for those of you who may not be aware, this is how the scam works:


In particular, we're talking about the offers to cut you into a deal, which offer a healthy—say 5 or 10 percent—cut of the profits. They normally end up requiring a small transfer of money from the person who's being scammed to enable the deal to take place. Then another transfer of money, then another until... everything goes quiet.

These scams are normally know as "Nigerian scams", because that's where they tend to originate from, but you might also know them by their proper name: Advance fee fraud. And they work! Last year, one Nigerian fraudster received a 12-year jail sentence after scamming $1.3 million from victims.




The dialogues are pathetic. The camera work / effects to render a 3D Point Of View (PoV) sort of effect gives me a bloody headache. I tried to sit through this nonsense till Amitabh Bachchan's entry, but I couldn't. Just had to switch it off.

Abhimanyu Singh – Annoying. It's not the character that I find annoying. It's the actor.

Vijay Raaz – A very talented actor wasted in a bad film.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In attempting NOT to hurt anyone, you end up hurting yourself the most.

Life sucks.

Clinton Impressed By The Confidence Of Bihar's Karate Girl


"One young girl, full of life, came up and asked me if I wanted to see her perform some karate moves, and I said of course. And the way she stood up, so straight and confident, the pride and accomplishment in her eyes, was so inspiring,"

…"It wasn't so much the karate as it was the way she stood so straight, looked me in the eye, had a sense of pride and accomplishment about her," Ms Clinton had told reporters.

…"This was a child who'd been born in a brothel to a young mother who had been forced and sold into prostitution. But when her mother finally escaped and took her daughter with her, they were out of harm's way and finally able to make choices for themselves,"Ms Clinton said referring to her short-interaction with 16-year-old Poonam Khatoon.

… "When I met with the people who were working with victims in Calcutta, I met several young women from the United States who had been inspired by reading about and watching and going online and learning about what was happening in the efforts to rescue and protect victims, and they were there in Calcutta working with organizations, NGOs and the faith community to do their part," Ms Clinton said.

…Ms Clinton said it is estimated as many as 27 million people around the world are victims of modern slavery, what is sometimes call trafficking in persons. These victims of modern slavery are women and men, girls and boys, she said, adding that their stories remind one of what kind of inhumane treatment "we are still capable of" as human beings.


Hmm… Evidently, it doesn't take much to impress Hillary Clinton.

Not taking anything away from Poonam Khatoon, but there are shit loads of such stories within the US itself (all over the world, actually).

Seems rather silly that Hillary had to see something like this in India to comment "their stories remind one of what kind of inhumane treatment "we are still capable of" as human beings."

India Offers USD 10 Billion To Aid Eurozone


NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday committed to extend a $10 billion (over Rs 55,000 crore) lifeline to help ailing Eurozone countries grappling with a sovereign debt crisis, which has slowed down the global economy.

…This is the second time in less than a year that India has decided to chip with a generous dose of funding. Last year, it got Parliament to approve a Rs 9,000 crore contribution towards IMF's New Arrangements to Borrow, a special funding tool meant to provide a lifeline to beleaguered economies.

…In this year's budget, the finance ministry got parliamentary approval to invest around Rs 56,500 crore in international financial institutions, which officials had said would be used to increase India's voting rights in multilateral bodies such as IMF.

India is seeking funds from the private sector and multilateral and foreign banks to fund its ambitious infrastructure spend of $1 trillion over the next five years.


The EU member countries are not pleased with having to bailout fellow Eurozone members. At least Germany would love to put an end to this – immediately.

BTW, doesn't India have a crisis of its own to worry about? It is not like the Indian economy is in great shape (irrespective of all the crap you keep hearing about India shining bla bla). Here are just a few headlines to give you an idea why all is NOT well:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to help the less fortunate. Looking at the conditions in India (politically, economically or socially), India would be more fortunate than say Bangladesh or Pakistan, but is in no position to fund extensive European bailouts.

The central and state treasury being used to pay for European bailouts, building statues, spending obscene sums on RENOVATION of public toilets, and fuck knows what not. But when it comes to the development of the infrastructure, the country is SEEKING funds from foreign banks?!

The country is seeking funds from multilateral and foreign banks and the private sector to fund ITS OWN infrastructure. At the same time, this country is committing huge amounts to aid other countries!? Khud khaane ke liye paise nahin hain, aur duniya ko bachaane chale!

You need the money for your own projects, but you are more than happy committing that to other countries and expecting that they will lend it back to you? Where is the sense in that? Wouldn't it be better if you could fund your own development programs?

Wanting a greater say in multilateral bodies and the desire to increase the country's voting rights in multilateral agencies seems to be costing a hell lot more than the possible benefits that it MIGHT yield.

And what exactly does India expect to do with a GREATER SAY in multilateral agencies? Indian representatives end up barking out a wrong speech – written for another country's representative - without even realising it. And this at the UNSC!! [Link]

Monday, June 18, 2012

Umr Jalvon Mein Basar Ho Ye Zaroori To Nahin

Khamosh Dehlvi…

Umr jalvon mein basar ho ye zaroori to nahin
Har shab-e-gham ki sahar ho ye zaroori to nahin

Chashm-e-saaqi se piyo yaa lab-e-saagar se piyo
Bekhudi aathon pahar ho ye zaroori to nahin

Neend to dard ke bistar pe bhi aa sakti hai
Unki aagosh mein sar ho ye zaroori to nahin

Shekh karta to hai masjid mein khuda ko sajde
Uske sajdon mein asar ho ye zaroori to nahin

Sab ki nazaron mein ho saaqi ye zaroori hai magar
Sab pe saaki ki nazar ho ye zaroori to nahin

Economic Policies


With every passing day, it is becoming evident that people no longer appreciate the 'strong silent' type of personality. Wonder what happened?

Some of us don't like to crib about each and every issue. How does it help? When there is nothing that can be done to remedy the issue, talking about is even more upsetting. Not to mention – an exercise in futility.

IF something can be done to remedy the situation – think it through and get on with it. In case nothing can be done (believe it or not, there are things beyond ones control) – Shit happens. Shut up and move on. Harping on about the same thing over and over again is not going to solve the problem.

Must we complicate complex matters even further? What is wrong with keeping it simple? Or at least trying to keep it simple? You play the hand you are dealt. IF you can't change the situation, try and make the best of it.

I agree it isn't easy, but it is not THAT difficult either.

Upset / angry / frustrated? Happens to everyone. It isn't that the universe is conspiring against you. Shit DOES happen! Yell, scream, punch – do what you have to and let it out. But do it all in one go. There is absolutely no need to be miserable about the same issue over and over again. Duniya mein ghamon ki kammi nahin hai.

Chand ke saath kai gham puraane nikle
Kitne gham the jo tere gham ke bahaane nikle.

Jannat 2


Jannat 2 has absolutely no connection to Jannat 1. Just like Murder 2 had nothing to do with Murder 1. Err… perhaps someone should explain the concept of sequels to the Bhatt camp. 

The film is a waste of time (even if you watch it in fast forward). Lacing the script with abusive language may cause a few raised eyebrows but a lot more (than being able to raise eyebrows) is required to make a good film.

Esha Gupta – Some models should remain models. Here is one model turned actress that would (in all likelihood) do a bad job even if she were cast as a zombie.



Watching the series AGAIN.

One of my favourites and I can watch this over and over again.

All the characters have been cast perfectly and there is not a single episode that I find boring or redundant. Love everything about this show, including the opening score.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hum Bewafaa Hargiz Na The

Anand Bakshi…

Hum bewafaa hargiz na the - par hum wafaa kar na sake
Humko mili uski sazaa - hum jo khata kar na sake

Kitni akeli thi woh rahen hum jinpe - ab tak akele chalte rahe
Tujhse bichhad ke bhi o bekhabar - tere hi gham mein jalte rahe
Tune kiya jo shiqwa - hum woh gila kar na sake

Tumne jo dekha suna sach tha magar - kitna tha sach yeh kisko pataa
Jaane tumhe maine koi dhokha diya - jaane tumhe koi dhokha hua
Iss pyaar mein sach jhooth ka - tum faisla kar na sake

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blood Test Results In Minutes – But Could Take 5 – 10 Years For The Tech To Be Universally Available


An innovative device has been created to not only improve, but speed up the analysis of human blood, with doctors able to receive results of blood tests within minutes using a mini laboratory that fits in the palm of the hand.

The technology could also be used for other liquids, such as urine.

… Sharp brings the ability to mass produce this technology in very high volumes – using existing facilities.

... Hadwen explains, “It’s about being able to work with tiny micro-litre volumes of fluid, so a test can be done very quickly and very efficiently using a very small amount of precious substances – like your own blood.

… “How it works is we place a droplet of blood onto the substrate and electronics underneath are splitting it up into smaller sub-droplets, performing a series of chemical reactions on the blood.

With simple Microfluidic chips we can input fluid via pods and then using complicated electronics and fluidics can create controlled chemical reactions to do difficult bio-chemical diagnostic tests, all on this little chip in a matter of minutes to give a result to a trained health professional such as a doctor or a nurse.”

… As Hadwen believes, “We think in the future it could transform and revolutionise healthcare. Maybe in 5-10 years you will see this technology at the doctors. Our hope is, that one day, this technology will help to save lives.”


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seagate Backup Plus Hard drive


2.5-inch mobile HDDs goes by the name Backup Plus, aiming to give consumers one-click backup and the ability to save and share your content on Facebook and Flickr. They'll work interchangeably with both Windows and Mac platforms, and they ship with a new Seagate Dashboard interface that makes all of that "one-click magic" possible.

The company's proclaiming that these guys are the world's first external drives to "provide backup for content on social networks, such as Facebook and Flickr," with a single-click path to Save (download) and Share (upload) personal videos and photos.

Backup Plus drives can be snagged in the US starting today, with Amazon, Best Buy and other reputable dealers offering 'em in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities for portable drives and 1TB to 4TB for Backup Plus Desk drives.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chaimans Signature ?!




VIVA Elite


VIVA ELITE is an Exclusive program designed for our distinguished customers giving them superior services in recognition for their loyalty.

What do you get?

  • Prioritized services at VIVA branches – Don't have to wait in line when visiting any of their branches.
  • Priority status when calling the customer care at 102.
  • VIVA concierge service:
    • Personal assistance available around the clock, seven days a week – Tickets & Hotel Bookings, Event Reminders etc.
    • A personal shipping address in the UK and USA.
    • Access to waiting rooms in airports around the world.
  • Courier service:
    • Processing bureaucratic paperwork i.e. government offices / visa documents delivery.
    • Delivery of gifts, flowers, cakes etc.
    • Car servicing.
    • Payments of traffic fines and school fees.


White Collar – Season 1 – 3

Done with the 3 seasons. Season 4 starts off on July 10th.

There aren't any characters that have annoyed me enough to merit a mention. The show is definitely watchable but I have to admit that there were some episodes that were … idiotic. Here are a few that I just couldn't tolerate:

  • Where There's A Will – A scavenger hunt for a will! You have got to be joking!
  • Veiled Threat – Not believable at all.
  • Power Play – Ridiculous, pointless, waste of time.

Also, there were plenty of idiotic sequences every now and then in some of the other episodes.

That said, the show isn't too bad and is definitely worth a one time watch.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

London 2012 Olympics On YouTube


we’re excited to announce that millions of Olympic fans from across 64 territories in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa will have a chance to watch the games live from London on the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) YouTube Channel at

In total, the IOC’s YouTube Channel will offer fans in these countries over 2,200 hours of high-definition sporting event coverage from London 2012, including all the medal finals.

People in countries including Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya (full list here), can tune in to the IOC channel on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device enjoy live coverage of the events as well as highlight clips free-of-charge.

The IOC channel will have 10 HD live-feeds from the Games, running from 9am to 11pm London time, plus a 24-hour broadcast of the Olympic News Channel. There will also be highlight reels and full videos of events after they’ve finished — all organized by the day, medal event, or the sport.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

White Collar


Started off with this series. Half way through Season 1.

Just a few scenes every now and then in some episodes (so far) that have me rolling my eyes, but barring that – not too bad. Watchable.

New Header For The Blog

Thank you Surya.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ye Dhuan Sa Kahaan Se Uthata hai

Meer Taqi Meer…

Dekh to dil ke jaan se uthata hai
Ye dhuan sa kahaan se uthata hai

Gor kis diljale ki hai ye falak
Shola ik subah yaan se uthata hai

Baithne kaun de hai phir uss ko
Jo tere astaan se uthata hai

Yoon uthe ah uss gali se hum
Jaise koi jahaan se uthata hai

Ishq ik 'Meer' bhaari paththar hai
Bojh kab naatwaan se uthata hai



This is sort of Dr. Who meets Fringe.

Done with the first four episodes and… not as interesting as I thought it would be.

* files deleting