Saturday, February 12, 2011

SM Krishna Reads The Wrong Speech!

Speaking at the UNSC at a debate on security and development on Friday, Krishna read out the wrong speech for about three minutes before being corrected by India's envoy to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri.


The guy reads out for 3 minutes and has no idea it’s not his speech. Wow!

We all know that these people have this stuff written for them, but I thought AT LEAST they would read through the speech once before yapping away! Evidently that’s not the case. Would be fun if one day some speech-writer decided to include a bit of truth in those write-ups, eh?

If SM Krishna did bother to read his speech before, he would have figured out (a lot sooner than 3 minutes) that what he was barking into the microphone was NOT his speech!

What makes this even worse is - even after 3 minutes, Krishna had no clue that the speech wasn’t his! It was pointed out by Hardeep Singh Puri. At least SOMEONE at these debates seems to be listening.

The Portuguese Foreign Minister had already spoken. HAD Krishna been listening to the proceedings, he should have figured out in the 3 minutes of his own yapping that the same stuff had been said a while back.

To summarise –

  • Krishna didn’t bother to read (beforehand) what was prepared for him.
  • Krishna wasn’t bothered with what other people present at the debate had to say.

You couldn’t be bothered to read your own speech beforehand and prepare, so clearly you don’t give a shit about what you will be mouthing off at the debate.

You are sitting there and not listening to what the other participants are saying, so you don’t give a shit about  their views either (which is not so bad, given that you don’t give a shit about - what will be termed as - your own views, in the first place).  

So… err, why go in the first place? Doesn’t really seem like you are bothered, so why state that you are there to push India’s agenda for Security Council reforms. Should have just had your prepared speech emailed to the UNSC.

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