Monday, February 21, 2011

NJ Cop To Parents: Steal FaceBook Passwords

Batelli is advancing this extreme parenting advice at Mahwah Police seminars where detectives teach parents how to install keystroke-recording software on their home computers. Sometimes called “spy-ware,” the software allows parents to surreptitiously hack FaceBook passwords from their kids’ accounts.

“When it comes down to safety and welfare of your child, I don’t think any parent would sacrifice anything to make sure nothing happens to their children. If it means buying an $80 package of software and putting it on and seeing some inappropriate words you don’t want your child to say. Then that’s part of society.”

“There may be a website that your children are on that they shouldn’t be visiting. That will show up on this third-party software,” said Blake. “It’s very easy to install. Your children don’t know it’s there.”


You seriously think THAT is a solution!? Moron.

Blocking offensive / inappropriate websites is one thing, but stealing passwords - and that too from your kids.. WTF! That’s definitely a new low in crazy parenting. Batelli probably believes this will also set a great example for the children.

He goes on to say Your children don’t know it’s there. Perhaps they won’t know when you installed it, but think about this for a second:

You steal your kids password and go through the FaceBook messages and emails. Let’s suppose that you do find objectionable content. Perhaps you find something that YOU believe to be inappropriate. What do you do next? Confront your child and explain what s/he is doing is wrong or whatever?

How stupid do you think the kid is to NOT figure out that you have been snooping around his emails and messages?? Kids are not as stupid as Batelli (or some others) believe them to be.

How do you think this kid is going to react? Do you really expect the kid to jump with joy or hug his dad for stealing his password and saving him from going down the ‘wrong’ path?

Think about that for a bit and I am sure you will be able to picture (more or less accurately) what is more likely to happen.

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