Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Everyone On The Windows Phone Team An Idiot !?


First they claimed no one really used Copy-Paste on the phone and it will never be included in WP7 – Link.

Then they realised just how stupid that statement was and decided to include Copy-Paste in the first update (due in March ‘11) – Link.

And here is the latest – the Camera app resetting itself to Default Settings every time the camera is launched – is a feature and it was a decision by the team to have the camera app behave this way.

The rant by a user:

Again, I come back to the camera app. The settings reset every time I close the app. Is that a feature or a bug that will be taken care of in the update? Nobody responds through Twitter or email correspondence.

If it's a feature, even if no one wants to man up and admit it (because let's face it, it would be the dumbest "feature" ever in a camera app), why not take responsibility and acknowledge it?

If it's a bug, isn't it great to let the users know that it's going to get fixed? Little things are what your competitors are getting right, and what you guys are ignoring as you set your targets for what needs updating.

The response from a Microsoft Employee:

thanks for the feedback vanmardigan.

regarding the camera settings: it was a decision by  the team thinking that if you pulled the phone out to take a quick pic, it would be better to know it was always in a default setting rather than having to remember what the settings were the last time you took a picture, so shooting for predictability.

That said, feedback from folks like you has the team seriously looking at that option to see if there is a more optimal option. thanks again.


It probably wouldn’t be THAT bad if the camera app allowed the user to set the Default Settings himself. It just seems idiotic that the team at Microsoft decided what should be the default setting for every one who bothers to buy a crappy Windows Phone.

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