Monday, June 25, 2012

OS – 9900

Link to the Official OS

Had tried a few 'official' versions earlier as well. 0.428 and .437 were disappointing and I reverted to .391 which seemed to work just fine.

Have been using for a few days now and it is definitely an improvement. A solid build. I have never had a problem with the Battery Life on my 9900 (unlike few others. In a few cases, I did manage to point out what they were doing wrong), but this one makes it last even longer.

Other than that – this OS comes with Application Resource Manager (ARM) which identifies applications that are hogging your phone's resources and shuts them down (can be set to do it either automatically or to prompt the user).

The only thing that seems to be missing is Device Analyser. It is missing on the phone, but I am not really MISSING anything, given that I have used the Device Analyser only once.

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